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Users Group: Board of Directors Minutes

Minutes of the meeting on October 21, 1996


Executive Session
Director's Report-Hermann Grunder
Scheduling Process-Andrew Hutton
Coffee Break
Accelerator Process and Polarized Beam Update-Charlie Sinclair
Working Lunch
User Space-B. Beise, R. Whitney
Trip To Washington-D. Gessaman

Director's Report-Hermann Grunder

The following items were discussed:

Scheduling Process Report-Andrew Hutton

Final Schedule should be posted by the end of October.
NPES: The formation of the NPES has provided the Lab the ability to address future work relations and duties between the Physics Div, the Accelerator Div, and the Users. The major concern is establishing an effective means to balance the stylistic differences in approach.

Actions resulting from recent Accelerator and Experiment survey

Currently, the Accelerator Division is:


Recommendations: The Board recommended that the Lab begin looking at general plans for 1998 to prepare for situations where resources might be tight, such as cryogenic and polarized target development.

Physics Review Discussion included:

Polarized Electron Source Expectations:

User Space-B. Beise, R. Whitney

User office space at the Residence Facility is proceeding on schedule-Users should be able to take residence the week of October 25. Thirty-two desks will be available. Additionally, planning is underway for User relocation from the Residence Facility in March to other locations on the site including Trailer City and CEBAF Center.
Future options for User office space and large experiment setup are also under discussion.

Issues Addressed by the Board:

Trip To Washington-D. Gessaman

Don Geesaman queried Hermann Grunder on the options and feasibility of a visit by the UGBOD and Users to congressional and agency staff members. Hermann Grunder's overall view included:

User Agreements (MOUs)

The Physics Division and the User Liaison Office are working to implement User Memorandums of Understanding (MOUS) which will address issues such as long distance calling, insurance, office space, equipment, user accounts, stockroom usage, etc. The following update was provided:

The Board was promised a draft proposal by the end of November.