Index of Approved and Conditionally Approved 12GeV Experiments at Jefferson Lab

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Approved 12GeV Experiments

12GeV Experiments in Hall A

( E1206114 ) ; Measurements of Electron-Helicity Dependent Cross Sections of Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering with CEBAF at 12 GeV
( E1206122 ) ; Measurement of neutron asymmetry A1n in the valence quark region using 8.8 GeV and 6.6 GeV beam energies and Bigbite spectrometer in Hall A
( E1207108 ) ; Precision Measurement of the Proton Elastic Cross Section at High Q^2
( E1207109 ) ; Large Acceptance Proton Form Factor Ratio Measurements at 13 and 15 (GeV/c)2 Using REcoil Polarization Method
( E1209005 ) ; An Ultra-precise Measurement of the Weak Mixing Angle using Moller Scattering
( E1209016 ) ; Measurement of the Neutron Electromagnetic Form Factor Ration GEn/GMn at High Q2
( E1209018 ) ; Measurement of the Semi-Inclusive pi and kappa electro-production in DIS regime from transversely polarized 3He target with the SBS&BB spectrometers in Hall A
( E1209019 ) ; Precision Measurement of the Neutron Magnetic Form Factor up to Q2=18.0 (GeV/c)2 by the Ration Method
( E1210006 ) ; An update to PR12-09-014: Target Single Spin Asymmetry in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Electro Pion Production on a Trasversely Polarized 3He Target at 8.8 and 11 GeV
( E1210007 ) ; Precision Measurement of Parity-Violation in Deep Inelastic Scattering Over a Broad Kinematic Range
( E1210009 ) ; Search for new Vector Boson A1 Decaying to e+e-
( E1210103 ) ; Measurement of the F2n/F2p, d/u Ratios and A=3 EMC Effect in Deep Inelastic Scattering off the Tritium and Helium Mirror Nuclei
( E1211007 ) ; Asymmetries in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Electro-Production of Charged Pion on a Longitudinally Polarized He-3 Target at 8.8 and 11 GeV
( E1211101 ) ; PREX-II: Precision Parity-Violating Measurement of the Neutron Skin of Lead
( E1211108 ) ; Target Single Spin Asymmetry inSemi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic (e,e'\pi^{\pm}) Reaction on a Transversely Polarized Proton Target
( E1211112 ) ; Precision measurement of the isospin dependence in the 2N and 3N short range correlation region
( E1212006 ) ; Near Threshold Electroproduction of J/Psi at 11 GeV

Number of 12GeV Experiments in Hall A = 18

12GeV Experiments in Hall B

( E1206106 ) ; Study of Color Transparency in Exclusive Vector Meson Electroproduction off Nuclei
( E1206108 ) ; Hard Exclusive Electroproduction of pi0 and eta with CLAS12
( E1206109 ) ; The Longitudinal Spin Structure of the Nucleon
( E1206112 ) ; Probing the Proton's Quark Dynamics in Semi-Inclusive Pion Production at 12 GeV
( E1206113 ) ; The Structure of the Free Neutron at Large x-Bjorken
( E1206117 ) ; Quark Propagation and Hadron Formation
( E1206119 ) ; Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering with CLAS at 11 GeV
( E1207104 ) ; Measurement of the Neutron Magnetic Form Factor at High Q2 Using the Ratio Method on Deuterium
( E1207107 ) ; Studies of Spin-Orbit Correlations with Longitudinally Polarized Target
( E1209003 ) ; Nucleon Resonance Studies with CLAS12
( E1209007 ) ; Studies of partonic distributions using semi-inclusive production of kaons
( E1209008 ) ; Studies of the Boer-MuldersAsymmetry in Kaon Electroproduction with Hydrogen and Deuterium Targets
( E1209009 ) ; Studies of Spin-Orbit Correlations in Kaon Electroproduction in DIS with polarized hydrogen and deuterium targets
( E1211003 ) ; Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering on the Neutron with CLAS12 at 11 GeV
( E1211005 ) ; Meson spectroscopy with low Q2 electron scattering in CLAS12
( E1211106 ) ; High Precision Measurement of the Proton Charge Radius
( E1212001 ) ; Timelike Compton Scattering and J/psi photoproduction on the proton in e+e- pair production with CLAS12 at 11 GeV
( E1212007 ) ; Exclusive Phi Meson Electroproduction with CLAS12

Number of 12GeV Experiments in Hall B = 18

12GeV Experiments in Hall C

( E1206101 ) ; Measurement of the Charged Pion Form Factor to High Q2
( E1206104 ) ; Measurement of the Ratio R=sigmaL/sigmaT in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering
( E1206105 ) ; Inclusive Scattering from Nuclei at $x > 1$ in the quasielastic and deeply inelastic regimes
( E1206107 ) ; The Search for Color Transparency at 12 GeV
( E1206110 ) ; Measurement of Neutron Spin Asymmetry A1n in the Valence Quark Region Using an 11 GeV Beam and a Polarized 3He Target in Hall C
( E1206121 ) ; A Path to 'Color Polarizabilities' in the Neutron:A Precision Measurement of the Neutron $g_2$ and $d_2$ at High $Q^2$ in Hall C
( E1207105 ) ; Scaling Study of the L-T Separated Pion Electroproduction Cross Section at 11 GeV
( E1209002 ) ; Precise Measurement of pi+/pi- Ratios in Semi-inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering PartI: Charge Symmetry violating Quark Distributions
( E1209011 ) ; Studies of the L-T Separated Kaon Electroproduction Cross Section from 5-11 GeV
( E1209017 ) ; Transverse Momentum Dependence of Semi-Inclusive Pion Production
( E1210002 ) ; Precision measurements of the F_2 structure function at large x in the resonance region and beyond
( E1210003 ) ; Deuteron Electro-Disintegration at Very High Missing Momentum
( E1210008 ) ; Detailed studies of the nuclear dependence of F2 in light nuclei.
( E1211002 ) ; Proton Recoil Polarization in the 4He(e,e'p)3H, 2H(e,e'p)n, and 1H(e,e'p) Reactions
( E1211009 ) ; The Neutron Electric Form Factor at Q^2 up to 7 (GeV/c)^2 from the Reaction d(e,e'n)p via Recoil Polarimetry
( E1211107 ) ; In Medium Nucleon Structure Functions, SRC, and the EMC effect
( E1213007 ) ; Measurement of Semi-Inclusive Production as Validation of Factorization
( E1213010 ) ; Exclusive Deeply Virtual Compton and Neutral Pion Cross-Section Measurements in Hall C
( E1214002 ) ; Precision Measurements and Studies of a Possible Nuclear Dependence of R

Number of 12GeV Experiments in Hall C = 19

12GeV Experiments in Hall D

( E1206102 ) ; Mapping the Spectrum of Light Quark Mesons and Gluonic Excitations with Linearly Polarized Photons
( E1210011 ) ; A Precision Measurement of the eta Radiative Decay Width via the Primakoff Effect
( E1213003 ) ; An initial study of hadron decays to strange final states with GlueX in Hall D
( E1213008 ) ; Measuring the Charged Pion Polarizability in the $\gamma \gamma \rightarrow \pi^+ \pi^-$ Reaction

Number of 12GeV Experiments in Hall D = 4

12GeV Experiments in Hall Inj

( E1213005 ) ; Measurement of 16O(,)12C with a bubblechamber and a bremsstrahlung beam

Number of 12GeV Experiments in Hall Inj = 1

Number of Approved 12GeV Experiments in all Halls = 60

Grand Total Number of 12GeV Experiments in all Halls = 60

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