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Free-Electron Laser Description

Schematic of the FEL

Schematic of the original JLab FEL with its photoinjected, superconducting rf linac with energy recovery.


The first FEL, the IR-Demo whose commissioning was completed in August '99, ran as a user facility in Oct. '99, Feb. '00, July '00, Oct. '00, Feb. '01, June '01, Aug. '01, and Oct. '01 providing about 3000 hours of user beam to ~30 groups.

Specifications of the original JLab FEL

Average Power1720 watts
Wavelength range3-6.2 microns
Micropulse energyup to 70 microJoules
Pulse length 0.5-1.7 ps
PRF74.85, 37.425, 18.7 MHz
Amplitude jitter< 10% p-p
Transverse mode< 2x diffraction limit
Beam diameter at lab1.5-3.5 cm

Here are some other pictures of the facility.