Photo - Sir Nevill MottBritish Physicist

Sir Nevil Mott

The 5 MeV Mott Electron Polarimeter at Jefferson Lab:

A Mott polarimeter has been developed to measure the spin polarization of the electron beams produced at CEBAF, the nuclear physics accelerator at Jefferson Lab. The polarimeter measures the counting rate asymmetry in the elastic Mott scattering process, which is non-zero for spin states perpindicular to the electron scattering plane. The Sherman function determines the relation between measured experimental asymmetry and the degree of polarization of the electron beam.

Accurate polarimetry is ensured by addressing three concers:

  • Determination of the theoretical Sherman function for the single elastic scattering process
  • Correct measurement of the asymmetry for every target by achieving pure energy spectra
  • Appreciation of the foil thickness extrapolation to a zero thickness target, i.e., a nucleus.


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