Micellaneous Data Transmittals

DT # Description Date Recipient
M2058 ESR cryo transfer pipe piers, retaining walls, and Dewar layout 11/15/2022 D. Rath, C. Butler, R. Bhattacharya
M579 Surface Plate Check 3/7/00 Karn
M650 Cryo pipe locations 1/17/01 Earl Adcock
M2031 Groundwater Monitoring Wells Elevation 04/04/2022 Scott Conley
M1946 Radiation Control Calibration Station 11/06/2019 Melvin Washington
M1967 Inspection and Fiducialization of new 2K Cold Box 01/29/2020 S. Yang, C. Butler
M1968 EIC HG QUAD SPACING BAR 01/30/2020 Chase Dubbe
M1989 Shim Diagram for leveling new 2K cold box 11/11/2020 S. Yang, S. Thompson
M1939 ESR Conduit locations1939 10/07/2019 D. Rath
M1932 Pipe heights for the 2K Cold Box Tranfer Trunk Upgrade 07/09/2019 S. Yang, C. Butler
M1931 CISASY2 ELECTRODE HEIGHT 07/01/2019 J. Grimes
M1930 As-Set location of CIS-ASY-1 Electrode 06/28/2019 C. Hernandez-Garcia, G. Palacios-Serrano, J. Grames
M1913 As Found of UITF Injector line components 03/11/2019 C. Garcia
M1840 UITF Line Complete Component Survey 12/15/2017 J. Grimes
M1833 UITF ISLK302(MS) Fiducal Data and Alignment 12/01/2017 J. Grimes
M1822 2k Cold Box 1 Additional Bayonet Heights 10/20/2017 S. Yang, C. Butler
M1815 2k Cold Box 1 Bayonet Heights 09/13/2017 S. Yang, C. Butler
M1671 LCLS Production Northwest Stand Alignment 09/10/2015 J. Fischer
M1647 C-18 Communication Manhole 06/03/2015 K. Welch, J. Willoughby
M1449 SRF cavity alignment fixture 04/25/2012 J. Fischer
M1272 Elevation survey of CHL K100 building 03/19/2010 K. Dixon
M1215 AES Injector cryo. Fid/Insp/Flng align. 01/26/2009 J. Fisher, J. Hogan
M1194 CHL Compressor/motor pad survey. 11/03/2008 M. Stapleton, M. Wright
M1166 Radcon Well Elevations 04/01/2008 Keith Welch
M1138 Multipole magnetic measurement bench. 11/05/2007 K. Baggett
M1116 Inspect BNAL He vessel. 07/03/2007 K. Macha
M1066 CHL 2K coldbox flange survey 06/22/2006 K. Dixon, D. Arenius
M1052 Radcon source alignment 03/31/2006 D. Hamlette
M1011 Cryomodule Assembly Bay Inspection 10/03/2005 J. Preble