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EIC14 The International Workshop on Accelerator Science and Technology for Electron-Ion Collider

March 17-21, 2014
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


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The Jefferson Lab tour will be on Friday, March 21 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm. If you are planning to attend, please register here.


Jefferson Lab will host an international workshop on accelerator science and technology for future electron-ion colliders, from March 17 to 21, 2014.

An electron-ion collider is likely to be one of the future large accelerator facilities for high energy and nuclear physics. Presently, there are five proposals under active development worldwide. They are LHeC at CERN and ENC at GSI in Europe; eRHIC at BNL and MEIC at JLab in the USA; and HIAF at IMP in China. Each of these proposed facilities covers a distinct energy range and adopts either ring-ring or linac(ERL)-ring collider scenarios. In order to deliver high machine performance to satisfy the science needs, an array of advanced accelerator concepts and technologies has been integrated into each of the accelerator designs. However, these facility proposals share many common accelerator R&D elements, such as energy recovery linacs (ERLs), beam cooling, polarized sources and polarized beams. Collaborations among the researchers working on these facility proposals are emerging and growing. This workshop will provide a forum for exchanging new ideas, concepts, and progress in accelerator technology development for electron-ion colliders.

There will be four working groups:

1. Beam physics (including beam dynamics, beam-beam and other collective effects, polarization, cooling and beam diagnostics, etc.)

2. Interaction Region; detector and backgrounds

3. Accelerator technology topic 1: SRF and ERL

4. Accelerator technology topic 2: electron/positron sources, proton/ion sources, and others

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