Hall A Collaboration Meeting

Hall A Winter Collaboration Meeting
January 19-20, 2016
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA

Meeting in CEBAF Center Room F113


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

  JLab Overviews  
8:30am Continental Breakfast  
8:45am Hall A Collaboration Welcome Juliette Mammei, Chair
9:00am JLab Status and Overview Rolf Ent
Robert McKeown
9:30am Accelerator Status/Fall Beam Commissioning Yves Roblin
10:00am Hall A Status and Plans Thia Keppel

Coffee Break

11:00am Physics Seminar: The Proton Radius Puzzle
(Location: CC Auditorium)
Carl Carlson

Lunch and Panel on Grant Writing (Gail Dodge, Lead Panelist) - Location: Room L102

1:30pm Hall A Compton Polarimetry Updates Dave Gaskell
1:50pm Beamline (BPM,raster, harp etc.) Commissioning/Statustry Updates Doug Higinbotham
2:10pm Discussion: What documentation needs to be updated?  
  Current 12 GeV Experiments  
2:30pm DVCS Status Mongi Dlamini
2:45pm GMP Status Eric Christy

Coffee Break

  Tritium Experiments  
3:30pm Tritium Experiments Overview Larry Weinstein
3:50pm Tritium Target Dave Meekins
4:10pm BigBite Status for Tritium Experiments Michael Nycz
4:30pm Informal Session for New Proposals  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

  6 GeV Experiments  
8:30am Continental Breakfast  
8:45am g2p Expt. Update Jie Liu
9:05am Small angle GDH Experiments Update Vincent Sulkosky
9:25am Transversity Experminet Update Xuefei Yan
9:45am Coulomb Sum Rule Hamza Atac

Coffee Break

10:30am Hall A Business Meeting (JSA funds, lobbying efforts etc.)  
  Near Term Future Experiments  
11:00am APEX Update Gregg Franklin
11:20am PREX/CREX update Ciprian Gal
11:40am Ar(e',e'p) update Chun-min (Mindy) Jen
12:00pm Lunch  
1:30pm SBS Collaboration and physics Brian Quinn
1:50pm Deep Inelastic SBS Experiments John Annand
2:05pm ECal Mark Jones
2:20pm GEMs Kondo Gnanvo
2:35pm Monte Carlo Tools for SBS Experiments Andrew Puckett

Coffee Break

  Future Experiments  
3:20pm MOLLER Expt. Status Update Juliette Mammei
3:40pm SoLID Status Update Rakitha Beminiwattha
4:00pm Hall A Møller Polarimetry Update Jim Napolitano
4:20pm Pol. 3He target Status/Updates J. P. Chen
4:40pm Hall A Analysis Software Update Ole Hansen
5:00pm Closeout  
6:00pm - 7:30pm Hall A Gathering in Lobby