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Research Highlights: Accelerator


High intensity polarized electron beams

Polarized Source Development (top ^)

High intensity polarized electron beams are essential for a large fraction of the Jefferson Lab nuclear physics program. Last fall, the new polarized source for CEBAF delivered more polarized electrons to targets than all other electron machines lumped together have in their entire lifetimes. For more information see:

Cell Cavity

prototype seven-cell superconducting accelerating cavity

New Seven Cell Cavity for the 12 GeV Upgrade (top ^)

Upgrading the energy of the CEBAF accelerator means improving the accelerating cavities and building the upgraded cryomodules that will contain them - ten cryomodules to be added to the accelerator outright, and, depending on performance, up to six more to replace some of the present ones. The new seven-cell cavities in the upgraded cryomodules will have higher gradient, boosting the beam's energy faster within a given length. They will also operate with a better Q, or quality factor, reducing power consumption and cost.

The figure shows a prototype seven-cell superconducting accelerating cavity. Results from the tests of this first cavity are shown in the diagram below. It exceeded requirements.


results from the tests of the first cavity