Theory Seminar

2008 Fall
  Regular theory seminars are scheduled at 1:00pm on Mondays in room #L102/L104 
Date Speaker Title
Sep. 1 No seminar Labor Day
Sep. 15 Chueng-Ryong Ji Going beyond the Peaking Approximation in Double Charm Production (abs)(talk)
Sep. 22 George Fleming New Strong Interactions for the LHC (abs)
Sep. 29 Henri Kowalski Dipole Model and the DAF-BFKL Pomeron at HERA, LHC, EIC, LHeC (abs)(talk)
Oct. 6 No seminar Spin 2008
Oct. 13 No seminar Workshop on "Electromagnetic form factors of Nucleon resonance: from phenomenology to the baryon structure"
Oct. 20 Haiyan Gao Search for phi-N Bound State in Jefferson Lab Hall B (abs)(talk)
Oct. 27 Radhey Shyam Hypernuclei and Their Productionby Hadronic and Electromagnetic Probes (abs)(talk)
Nov. 3 No seminar ""
Nov. 10 Simonetta Liuti Developments and Applications of a quantitative parametrization of Generalized Parton Distributions (abs) (talk)
Nov. 17 Christopher Thomas Is X(3872) a molecule? (abs) (talk)
Nov. 24 No seminar Thanksgiving week
Dec. 1 No seminar Winter Holiday Season
  Please contact theory seminar organizers Huey-Wen Lin and Marc Schlegel if you have any questions or suggestions

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