ES&H Manual



3110 Facility Design and Modification Review



1.0            Purpose


Jefferson Lab integrates environmental, safety, and health (ES&H) concerns into the design of new and modification to existing facilities. This chapter describes the approach used for reviewing ES&H issues associated with these designs. Considerations include:

·         Life, safety, and fire protection

·         Environmentally responsible construction techniques

·         Restoration and protection measures to enhance long-term stewardship of natural and cultural resources throughout the facility’s operation, closure, and post-closure life cycles


2.0            Scope


ES&H reviews designs for new and modification to existing facilities including:

·         New structures

·         Architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing or electrical system modifications to existing facilities

·         Changes in building use


ES&H Manual Chapter 3110 Appendix T1 Facility Design and Modification Review Procedure describes the minimum requirements used to ensure adequate ES&H considerations are incorporated into new or modification facility designs.


3.0            Responsibilities


3.1              Facility Project Manager – New or Modification

·         Design Project Manager will provide design documents for the determination of  ES&H requirements

·         Documents will be sent to ESH&Q Documentation Administrator for loading into the ESH&Q Review System.

·         ESH&Q representatives are invited to design review meetings to review designs and ensure that ESH&Q requirements are incorporated into the design. 

·         Will review and respond to ESH&Q comments that were obtained from the ESH&Q Review System

·         Will ensure that all comments have been adequately addressed before sending the drawing for signatures.

·         Will provide 100% Design Review Comments and Resolutions to persons signing the drawings and the ESH&Q Document Administrator.

·         Notifies Facilities Drawing Group when drawings are ready for final signatures


3.2              Associate Director - ESH&Q

·         Reviews the final drawing package as well as reviews the ESH&Q comments and resolutions generated during the review.

·         When ESH&Q comments are addressed to the AD’s satisfaction, the drawing package is signed.


3.3              ESH&Q Professionals, Systems Experts, Building Occupants/Managers

·         Review ES&H Manual Chapter 2410 Appendix T1 Hazard Issues List for anticipated activities.

·         Review proposed new and modification designs for ES&H implications:

o   Identify potential ES&H issues 

o   Request additional assistance for issues outside the area of expertise

o   Recommend alternative strategies to avoid or mitigate them


4.0            Expectations


To abide by all ES&H related permits and facility operating parameters Jefferson Lab:

·         Incorporates ES&H hazard mitigation features into designs

·         Applies appropriate ES&H reviews in the planning of new and modification of existing facilities

·         Involves appropriate subject-matter experts to determine appropriate ES&H features


5.0            Revision Summary

Revision 2.0 – 12/15/16 – Periodic Review; updated responsibilities to reflect current processes 

Revision 1.0 – 09/27/09 – Updated to reflect current operations











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