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Principal Investigators
J. Dudek (Old Dominion University/Jefferson Lab)
W. Melnitchouk (Jefferson Lab)
C. Weiss (Jefferson Lab)

Coordinating Committee
The Coordinating Committee (CC) is appointed by the PIs and consists of representatives from the U.S. and Germany:

M. Burkardt (New Mexico State University)
P. Kroll (University of Wuppertal)
F. Maas (Helmholtz Institut Mainz)
W. Melnitchouk (Jefferson Lab; PI representative on the CC)
M. Pennington (Jefferson Lab)
K. Peters (GSI)
A. Schaefer (University of Regensburg)
A. Szczepaniak (Indiana University)
J. Vary (Iowa State University)
J. Wambach (GSI)

The CC will convene on a regular basis to evaluate and process applications in a timely manner.

The CC will also review the success of the program on an annual basis and advise the PIs on priority areas of research which need the greatest focus.