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2020 Physics Seminars

Speaker Title Date
Camillo Mariani
Virginia Tech
First (e,e'p) measurement on Ar and Ti from the Jefferson Lab E12-14-012 Experiment November 13, 2020
Kent Paschke
University of Virginia
New Measurement of the Neutral Weak Form-Factor of the Pb-208: PREX-2 November 6, 2020
Holly Szumila-Vance
Jefferson Lab
Ruling out Color Transparency in quasi-elastic 12C(e,e'p) up to Q2 = 14 (GeV/c)2 October 9, 2020
Stan Brodsky
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
The Hexa-Diquark and Novel QCD Effects in Nuclei June 5, 2020
Eli Piasetzky
Tel Aviv University
The Transparent Nucleus: SRC and single nucleon knockout inverse kinematics measurements using a 48 GeV/c carbon beam May 15, 2020
Colin Morningstar
Carnegie Mellon University
Scattering, Form Factors, and Exotics from Lattice QCD February 12, 2020