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CLAS Shift Nomenclature and Institutional Contacts

AcronymName of InstituteLocationSister InstituteContactEmail
ANL Argonne National Laboratory Domestic - Kawtar Hafidi
ASU Arizona State University Domestic - Barry Ritchie
Michael Dugger
CANISIUS Canisius College Domestic - Michael Wood
CNU Christopher Newport University Local - David Heddle
CSPEAK Speakers Domestic - Joe Speak
CSUDH California State University Dominguez Hills Domestic - John Price
EDINBURGH University of Edinburgh Foreign - Daniel Watts
FIU Florida International University Domestic - Lei Guo
FSU Florida State University Domestic - Paul Eugenio
Volker Crede
FU Fairfield University Domestic - Angela Biselli
GLASGOW University of Glasgow Foreign INFNGE Bryan McKinnon
Kenneth Livingston
GWUI George Washington University Domestic - William Briscoe
INFNFE INFN Sezione di Ferrara Foreign - Marco Contalbrigo
INFNFR INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati Foreign - Marco Mirazita
INFNGE INFN Sezione de Genova e Dipartimento di Fisica Foreign GLASGOW Raffaella De Vita
INFNRO INFN Sezione di Roma Tor Vergata Foreign - Annalisa D'Angelo
INFNTUR INFN Sezione di Turin Foreign - Alessandra Filippi
ISU Idaho State University Foreign - Tony Forest
ITEP Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics Foreign - Ivan Bedlinskiy
Nikolai Pivnyuk
Oleg Pogorelko
JLAB Jefferson Laboratory Local - Daniel Carman
JMU James Madison University Domestic - Kevin L. Giovanetti
JUELICH Institute fur Kernphysik Foreign - James Ritman
KNU Kyunpook National University Foreign - Wooyoung Kim
MISS Mississippi State University Domestic - Lamiaa El Fassi
MSU Moscow State University Foreign - Viktor Mokeev
NSU Norfolk State University Local - Carlos Salgado
ODU Old Dominion University Local - Lawrence Weinstein
Stephen Bueltmann
OHIOU Ohio University Domestic - Kenneth Hicks
ORSAY Institute de Physique Nucleaire Orsay Foreign - Silvia Niccolai
SACLAY Service de Physique Nucleaire Saclay Foreign - Franck Sabatie
SCAROLINA University of South Carolina Domestic - Steffen Strauch
TEMPLE Temple University Domestic - Zein-Eddine Meziani
UCONN University of Connecticut Storrs Domestic - Kyungseon Joo
UNH University of New Hampshire Domestic - Maurik Holtrop
URICH University of Richmond Domestic - Gerard Gilfoyle
UTFSM Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria Foreign - William Brooks
VIRGINIA University of Virginia Domestic - Donald Crabb
Dustin Keller
WM College of William and Mary Local - Keith Griffioen
YEREVAN Yerevan Physics Institute Foreign - Natasha Dashyan

Total: 39 member institutes, 47 IRs and 91 shift takers. Mailing list: .
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