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Radiological Training Information

General Employee Radiological Training (GERT) Options

Web-based Interactive Training

The GERT qualification is normally obtained through the web-based training.  You'll need the Flash Plug-in, version 6.0 or higher. The runtime for the entire training is about 90 minutes.  There is a test included in the training (there is no separate testing).  When you have completed your training and test, the program will prompt you for information that will initiate an update of your training records.


GERT Study Guide 

You may get a hard copy of the GERT study guide from the RCD office, or access it on the web here.  However, to get you GERT qualification, you must complete the web-based training or contact Maya Keller at 757-269-6021 or David Hamlette at 757-876-1743.

In rare cases, GERT is conducted as a classroom course.  Contact Maya Keller or David Hamlette for information.

This page is under constant revision. If you do not have the browser capabilities identified above or have other Radcon training needs, contact Maya Keller, 757-269-6021.