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XVI International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy
September 13-18, 2015
Marriott at City Center
Newport News, VA

Plenary Sessions

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Hadron Spectrum and Structure: The DSE/BSE Approach

Alberto Correa dos Reis  (Rio-CBPF)
Recent results on spectroscopy from LHCb

Achim DENIG (JGU, Mainz)
Recent results on Hadron Structure, Spectrum & Dynamics from MAINZ

Jozef DUDEK  (JLab/Old Dominion University)
Hadron Scattering and Resonances in QCD

Michael DUGGER (Arizona State University)
Overview of Spectroscopy Results in Meson Photoproduction with Polarization Observables

Results on Recent Analyses from BaBar

Francois-Xavier GIROD (JLab)
JLab Results on Hadron Structure

Boris GRUBE (Technical University of Munich)
Recent Results on Spectroscopy from COMPASS

Christoph HANHART (FZ-Julich)
Amplitude Analysis for Mesons and Baryons: Tools and Technology

Emiko HIYAMA (RIKEN Nishina Center)
Hypernuclei:  An Overview

Tetsuo HYODO (Yukawa Institute, Kyoto University)
What We Know About the λ(1405)

David IRELAND (Glasgow University)
Baryon Spectroscopy from JLab

Robert JAFFE (MIT)
Thoughts on the Nature of Hadrons

Christian LANG (University of Graz)
Hadron Spectrum and Structure from the Lattice

Beijiang LIU (IHEP, Beijing)
Recent Results on Spectroscopy from BES III

Nour MAKKE (University of Trieste & INFN Trieste)
Recent Results on Hadron Structure from COMPASS

Curtis MEYER (Carnegie Mellon University)
First Results of GlueX

Emilie PASSEMAR (Indiana University)
Chiral Effective Field Theories

Stephan PAUL (Technische Universitaet Muenchen)
Present Highlights and Future Challenges

Keith Jarid ROSE (U. Tennessee)
Recent results on Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy from CMS

Valentina SANTORO (INFN Ferrara)
XYZ states: Experimental Overview

Daniel SCHEIRICH (Charles U, Prague)
Recent Results on Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy from ATLAS

Evgeny SOLODOV  (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)
Study of  e+e-  to  hadrons with the CMD-3 detector at the VEPP2000 collider

Eric SWANSON (Pittsburgh University)
XYZ States: Theory Overview

Zhenwei YANG (Tsinghua)
Observation of pentaquark resonances in Λb-->J/ψ Kp decays

Changzheng YUAN (IHEP, Beijing)
Results on Recent Analyses from Belle