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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Poster Program

Algorithms and Machines

[pdf] Abdou Abdel-Rehim Seed methods for linear equations in lattice qcd problems with multiple right-hand sides
[pdf] Anthony Kennedy Tuning HMC using Poisson Brackets
[pdf] Chuan Miao Charge fluctuations and correlations at finite baryon Density
Andrea Nobile Status of the QPACE Project
Guillermo Palma Cluster Algorithm Renormalization Group Method
Luciano Piccoli Tracking LQCD Workflows
Andrew Pochinsky Writing Efficient QCD Code Made Simpler: qa0
[pdf] Claudio Rebbi Blasting Through Lattice Calculations using CUDA
Georg von Hippel Perturbative improvement with HISQ fermions: the gluon action at $O(N_f \alpha_s a^2)$

Applications beyond QCD

[pdf] Kamel Demmouche Spectrum of 4d N=1 SYM on the lattice with light dynamical gluinos

Chiral Symmetry

[pdf] Benedikt Biedermann Pion Scattering in Wilson Chiral Perturbation Theory
[pdf] Wolfgang Bietenholz Chiral condensate and topological susceptibility in the 2-flavour Schwinger model
[pdf] Michael Creutz Local chiral fermions
[pdf] Hideo Matsufuru Simulation with 2+1 flavors of dynamical overlap fermions

Hadron Spectroscopy

[pdf] Tommy Burch Update on doubly heavy meson spectroscopy
Terrence Draper Light scalar mesons in 2+1 flavor full QCD
[pdf] Christian Ehmann Investigation of the $\eta'$-$\eta_c$-mixing with improved stochastic estimators
[pdf] Eric Gregory Improving B physics simulations
[pdf] Christian Hagen Heavy-light hadrons and their excitations
Tom Harsono Maximum entropy analysis of lattice QCD correlation functions
Taku Izubuchi $\eta'$ meson from two flavor dynamical domain wall fermions
[pdf] Liuming Liu Charmed hadron interactions
Chris Richards High Statistics Study of Flavour-Singlet Mesons with Staggered Fermions

Hadron Structure

[pdf] Wolfgang Bietenholz Hadron structure in terms of OPE with non-perturbative Wilson coefficients
[pdf] Frank X. Lee Tests of Electric Polarizability on the Lattice

Nonzero Temperature and Density

Alexei Bazavov Color singlet and adjoint free energy at finite temperature
[pdf] Prasad Hegde Quark Number Susceptibilities with Domain-Wall Fermions
[pdf] Kazuyuki Kanaya Equation of state at finite Density in two-flavor QCD with improved Wilson quarks
[pdf] Kohtaroh Miura Phase diagram evolution by finite coupling effect in color SU(3) strong coupling lattice QCD at finite temperature and Density
Atsushi Nakamura Finite Density QCD with Wilson Fermions

Standard Model Parameters and Renormalization

[pdf] Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz The perturbative ghost propagator in Landau gauge from numerical stochastic perturbation theory

Theoretical Developments

Karl Jansen Analysis of the Schroedinger Functional with Chirally Rotated Boundary Conditions
Yuzhi Liu Volume dependence of Fisher's zeros
Antonio Mihara Ghost-gluon vertex in the MAG

Vacuum Structure and Confinement

Urs Heller Center vortex influence on the Dirac spectrum
[pdf] Christian Wozar Inverse Monte-Carlo and Demon Methods for Effective Polyakov Loop Models of SU(N)-YM

Weak Decays and Matrix Elements

[pdf] Weonjong Lee Calculating $B_K$ using HYP staggered fermions
Junko Shigemitsu Chiral and Continuum Extrapolations in HISQ Simulations