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Laboratory Directed Research & Development




1. What can be charged to an LDRD account?
Labor, materials, services and equipment in support of a research project which has the following characteristics:

2. How long can a proposal be funded?

3. What are allowable costs for LDRD?

4. What are the restrictions on LDRD funds?

5. What reports are required of the lead scientist?

6. How do I publish papers/conference presentations funded by LDRD?

Follow standard JLab publication procedures for your division. When entering the paper into the JLab publication system (at ) you should check the box identifying the paper as LDRD funded, and select your project ID from the pull down box adjacent to the checkbox.

7. How are JLab and non-JLab costs charged to LDRD?

8. Who can apply for LDRD funding?

9. How should I deal with intellectual property issues associated with my LDRD project?

All principal investigators MUST have a JLab affiliation.