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Theory Seminars

Fall 2009 Theory Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Sept 9, 11AM WEDNESDAY Peter Kroll
(U. Wuppertal, Germany)
Spin effects in hard exclusive electroproduction of mesons (talk)
Sept 14 No seminar INT workshop
Sept 21 Bowen Xiao (LBNL) Polarized DIS and Spin Puzzle in AdS/CFT (abs) (talk)
Sept 28 Aaron Torok (University of New Hampshire) Meson-Baryon Scattering in Lattice QCD (abs) (talk)
Oct 5 Jian Zhou (LBNL) TMDs and polarized Drell-Yan process (abs) (talk)
Oct 12 No seminar DNP meeting
Oct 19 Terry Goldman (LANL) Nucleon Spin Structure and Gauge Invariance (An Atomic View) (abs) (talk)
Oct 26 Satoshi Nakamura (EBAC, JLab) Dynamical Model of Coherent Pion Production in Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering (abs) (talk)
Nov 2 Andrei Belitsky (Arizona State University) Integrability of gauge theories: a tool for QCD? (abs)
Nov 9 Sonia Bacca (TRIUMF, Canada) Electromagnetic Reactions and Structure of Light Nuclei (abs) (talk)
Nov 16 Sergey Syritsyn (MIT) Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors in Lattice QCD and Chiral Perturbation Theory (abs) (talk)
Nov 23 Simon Capstick (FSU) Resonance Electroproduction in a Light-Cone Quark Model (abs) (talk)
Nov 30, *3PM* Peter Blunden (University of Manitoba, Canada) Recent progress on two-boson exchange effects in electron scattering (abs) (talk)
Dec 7 Carlos Schat (Ohio University) Two new mass relations for L=1 excited baryons (abs) (talk)
Dec 14, *ROOM: CC AUDITORIUM* Peter Orland (Baruch College, CUNY) Longitudinal Rescaling, Integrability and Confinement (abs)

Please contact the theory seminar organisers Hiroyuki Kamano, Marc Schlegel and Christopher Thomas if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.