Experiment E94-010
Measurement of the Neutron (3He) Spin Structure Function at Low Q2 :
A Connection Between the Bjorken and Drell-Hearn-Gerasimov Sum Rules.

E94-010 Published Papers

E94-010 Theses

Publications and Conference Proceedings
  • Pacific-Spin 2001, Jian-ping Chen. Click here.
  • Spin 2001, Prague, August 2001, Alexandre Deur. Click here.
  • Spin 2001, Dubna, August 2001, Piotr Zolnierczuk. Click here.
  • NSTAR 2001, Jian-ping Chen. Click here.
  • GDH 2000, Mainz, June 2000, Alexandre Deur and Ioannis Kominis. Click here.
  • Spin 2000, Todd Averett. Click here.
  • First Asia-Pacific Conference on Few-Body Problem in Physics, Japan, August 1999. Click here.
  • PRAHA-SPIN99, Prague, Czech, September 1999. Click here.

  • Agenda of the next collaboration meeting. Click here.
  • Minutes of the weekly E94-010 meeting at JLab. Click here.
  • Minutes of the weekly E94-010 polarized target meetings. Click here.

Technical notes
  • E94010 technical notes. Click here.
  • Hall A technical notes. Click here.
  • Jefferson Lab technical notes. Click here.

Electronic Logbooks
  • Experiment electronic logbook. Click here.
  • Analysis electronic logbook. Click here.
  • Target electronic logbook. Click here.

The E94-010 experiment
  • Proposal. Click here.
  • Updated list of collaborators. Click here.
  • Conduct Of Operations (COO). Click here.
  • Target Operation and Safety Procedure (OSP). Click here.
  • How to join the e94010 mailing list. Click here.
  • E94010 mail archive. Click here.

Shift Schedule
  • Book your shifts online. Click here.
  • Check the latest shift schedule. Click here.
  • List of run coordinators. Click here.
  • Hall A safety walkthrough. Click here.

Shift Duty
  • Run sheet. Click here.
  • Shift checklist. Click here.
  • To calculate the total sum of events per arm. Click here.
  • Contact the target experts. Click here.

Run plan
  • E94-010 general run plan. Click here.
  • Run summary. Click here.

Data acquisition and replay
  • Hall A trigger and data acquisition. Click here.
  • Data replay, by Seonho Choi. Click here.

Physics computing resources at JLab

Our polarized 3He target
  • NMR Operation Manual by S. Incerti. Click here.
  • NMR system cabling. Click here for GIF format of here for PS format.
  • NMR setup pictures. Click here.
  • 3He NMR signal. Click here.
  • Water NMR signal. Click here.
  • EPR Operation Manual by M. Liang. Click here.
  • EPR analysis on Nepheli data, by W. Korsch. Click here.
  • Lasers Operation Manual by S. Jensen. Click here.
  • Things to know by S. Jensen. Click here.
  • Helium 3 cells. Click here.
  • Target pictures in the Hall A. Click here.

  • MCC operation logbook. Click here.
  • Archive of Jay Benesch report. Click here.
  • Beam delivery procedure to hall A, by Arun Saha. Click here.
  • Moller polarimeter. Click here.
  • Hall A charge/current monitor, by G. Laveissiere. Click here.
  • Non-invasive beam current calibration procedure, by A. Saha. Click here.
  • HARP scan, by A. Saha. Click here.

Useful links
  • Temple University Polarized 3He Target lab homepage. Click here.
  • SLAC-E154 Polarized 3He Target homepage. Click here.
  • Princeton Polarized 3He Target Lab. Click here.
  • PAW data analysis software homepage at CERN. Click here.
  • PHYSICA data analysis software homepage at TRIUMF. Click here. To get the reference manual, click here. Setup PHYSICA on your CUE account at JLab using the commands 'setup physica' and 'physica'.

Published thesis on polarized 3He experiments

Selected papers

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