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3330 Appendix T2

Stop Work Order for Safety Procedure



1.0             Purpose

A Stop Work Order is initiated when an imminent danger has developed, a hazard issue is discovered and a Task Hazard Analysis (THA) reveals a post mitigated Risk Code >3, observed activity appears to represent imminent danger, or individuals cannot resolve a hazard issue in an acceptable manner. 

2.0             Scope

A Stop Work Order is not meant to replace safety mitigation measures developed during work planning. Rather it is primarily used when an unanticipated hazard (Risk Code >3) develops during work in progress.

This procedure does not take the place of “common-sense.” Suggestions, recommendations, or other forms of communications, which takes place on a day-to-day basis between individuals and provide “on the spot resolutions” to safety concerns, are not required to be formally documented.

This appendix is written in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 3330 Stop Work and Re-Start for Safety Program, and all relevant content within the chapter applies to the procedure outlined in this appendix.

3.0             Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              Everyone at Jefferson Lab

·         Take action to stop unsafe work that creates a hazard, anticipated or real, to yourself or others.

·         Respond to a Suspend Work or Stop Work Order by halting the work in question. Take actions as outlined below.

·         Inform your supervisor/Subcontracting Officer's Technical Representative (SOTR)/Sponsor immediately if you receive or invoke a Suspend Work or Stop-Work Order.

·         Re-start work after a Suspend Work or Stop Work Order following the procedure outlined in ES&H Manual Chapter 3330 Appendix T4 Work Re-Start Procedure.

·         Assist in Task Hazard Analysis (THA) for Jefferson Lab work or an Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) if activities are subcontracted construction activities, when requested by the Supervisor/SOTR/Sponsor for a stop work order.


3.2              Supervisor/Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative (SOTR)/Sponsor

·         Complete or amend a Task Hazard Analysis (THA) or AHA as appropriate for the suspended/stopped work activity.

·         Provide the THA for review to the Associate Director - Environmental, Safety, Health, and Quality (ES&H) or provide the AHA to the SOTR as required.

·         Notify area Safety Warden of any stopped work if applicable.

·         Discuss the proposed/implemented resolution with the identifier to ensure the identified hazard was mitigated.

·         Inspect the area after resolution to ensure personnel safety.

·         For a STOP-WORK ORDER:

o   Notify the Division Associate Director, Division Manager, or the Subcontracting Officer.

o   Enforce the order and monitor the area for the duration of the Stop-Work Order to ensure work does not resume until properly authorized.

o   Assure re-start is authorized by the system department, division manager, or Subcontracting Officer.

o   Use the Quality Assurance Issues Management Procedure to resolve the concern.

·         Provide feedback and lessons learned using the Quality Assurance Operating Experience, Feedback, and Lessons Learned Program.


3.3              Associate Director/Division Manager

·         Inform the Associate Director-ES&H.

·         Inform your Division Safety Officer (DSO).

·         Investigate all Stop-Work Orders within your department.

·         Ensure the required corrective actions are implemented; including provisions for hazard characterization, assessment, monitoring and surveillance to ensure the corrective action is effective.

·         Issue written restart authorization after corrective actions have been agreed upon.

3.4              Subcontracting Officer

·         Investigate all Stop-Work Orders associated with assigned contracts.

·         Ensure the required corrective actions are implemented including provisions for hazard characterization, assessment, monitoring and surveillance to ensure the corrective action is effective.

·         Issue written restart authorization after corrective actions have been agreed upon.


3.5              Associate Director ES&H

·         Inform Chief Operations Officer.

·         Review THA to ensure accuracy.


4.0             Process Steps


4.1                          Identified Concern poses an imminent danger


4.2                          Stop Work Order Initiated.

·         The worker notifies their supervisor/Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative (SOTR)/sponsor that a Stop Work Order has been initiated.

·         The identifier notifies their supervisor/SOTR/sponsor that they have initiated a Stop Work Order. SOTRs see Chapter 3410 Subcontractor Construction Safety, Section 4.12, Stop Work and Restart for Safety Program for suspend work related to subcontracted construction activities.


4.3                          Authorities Notified                   

·         The worker’s supervisor/SOTR/sponsor completes Step One of the Stop Work Order Worksheet

·         Distribute copies as listed.


4.4                          THA or AHA Required

·         Worker’s supervisor/SOTR/sponsor completes a THA/AHA for the identified concern.

o   Outcome of revised TH/AHA is reduced risk (Risk Code <2).  Does this resolve the issue? The initiator must agree that the identified concern has been adequately addressed.

§  Worker’s supervisor/SOTR/sponsor completes the Stop Work Order Worksheet

o   Outcome Risk Code >3

§  Use Issues Management Procedure to resolve the conflict.


4.5                          Work Re-Start

When an agreed upon resolution has been approved use ES&H Manual Chapter 3330 Appendix T4 Work Re-Start Procedure.

·         Worker’s supervisor/SOTR/sponsor and the system owner ensure that work is not resumed until the Stop-Work Order Worksheet has been fully approved. The worksheet, the THA, and the restart notice become part of the permanent Lessons Learned file.

·         Worker’s supervisor/SOTR/sponsor ensures that implemented safety measures continue to be used.


4.6                          Feedback and Lessons Learned

Worker’s supervisor/SOTR/sponsor provides Jefferson Lab relevant information regarding the Stop Work Order activities using the Jefferson Lab’s Corporate Operating Experience (COE) website.


Figure 1.  Suspend/Stop Work for Safety




5.0             Revision Summary


Periodic Review – 06/06/19 – No changes per TPOC

Revision 1.3 – 06/23/16 – Periodic Review; updated to align with Chapter 3410 Subcontractor Construction Safety

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