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Beam Time Request Call (Updated June 2015)

To : Spokespersons of Approved Jefferson Lab Experiments
Cc : Jefferson Lab Users Group From : Nuclear Physics Experiment Scheduling Committee
Subject: Beam Time Requests for January 2016 thru June 2017
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Commissioning of the upgraded 12 GeV Accelerator and Halls continued since the call for experiment scheduling requests issued a year ago. It has been an endeavor filled with both bitter and sweet moments. During the Fall 2014 run period, photons were produced in the Hall D Tagger Complex and delivered for the first time to the GlueX detector for commissioning. In December, DOE received and accepted the GlueX commissioning results as proof that the Key Performance Parameters (KPP) of the Hall D project had been met. Fall 2014 also saw the first multi-hall operation of the 12-GeV era with simultaneous beams delivered to Halls A (DVCS/GMp), B (Heavy Photon Search commissioning) and D (GlueX commissioning). During Spring 2015, the first RF separation at 5-th pass was achieved using the new 750 MHz cavities. This allows to have one of Halls A, B or C at 5-th pass while Hall D is at 5.5 passes. Unfortunately, during Spring 2015 we also experienced an electrical outage that affected catastrophically one of the two cryogenic systems required to operate the accelerator at energies of 6 GeV and above. Repairs of the cryogenic system required much longer time than that available for beam operations so, the decision was taken to give priority to the Hall B Heavy Photon Search (HPS) which benefited from lower energies (1 GeV). The run period was also extended by two weeks to May 18 to compensate somewhat for the conditions on which HPS had to take data - in the evenings and weekends only, shutting down during the day for Hall B 12 GeV upgrade work.

For the upcoming periods, priority will remain on 12 GeV pre-operations to establish CD4B key performance parameters, and on further accelerator commissioning to establish robust operations for physics experiments. Please be aware that we have implemented some changes in the procedures for beam time requests within the Procedures for Nuclear Physics Experiments process. The requirements to be met before scheduling can be requested are given in subsection V of In short, you can only request scheduling when construction of all major components of the experiment are (near-)completed, as at this stage the experiment layout and components are considered frozen, and any design modifications will require a change control, approved by the Division Management. For now, we have had experiment readiness reviews fulfilling this requirement only for a very few initial engineering runs and/or experiments. Experiment spokespersons should also note that robust and reliable multi-Hall beam operations are still subject to commissioning periods, so routine beam properties still have to be established. Please discuss with your Hall Leader if there are specific questions. Under this condition, experiment collaborations requesting beam time for the January 2016 to June 2017 period (with the last 6 months tentative only) must deliver their requests to the Jefferson Lab User Liaison Office by close of business TUESDAY, JUNE 30. These requests will be reviewed by the Nuclear Physics Experiment Scheduling (NPES) committee, which prepares the combined accelerator and experiment schedule. See for the composition of the NPES committee. REQUEST INSTRUCTIONS Beam Request Forms: There is a specific set of forms to be completed electronically. They can be found at

One-Page Summary: A one-page summary of your experiment is required to accompany your beam time request. The summary should provide a broad overview of the experiment and the questions it is addressing aimed at a general science audience rather than a nuclear physicist. This request is similar as was done for the 6-GeV operations era, and a list of one-page summaries for earlier Jefferson Lab experiments can be found online at

Hall Leader Concurrence: All beam time requests and one-page summaries need to be approved by the Hall leader. The routing process is automatic but please make sure the Hall Leader is aware before hand of your particular requirements, specially if extensive testing and/or installation is involved.

If you have any questions concerning this point, please contact the corresponding Hall Leader,

Halls A & C, Cynthia Keppel (keppel at, 757-269-7580)
Hall B, Volker Burkert (burkert at, 757-269-7540)
Hall D, Eugene Chudakov (gen at, 757-269-6959)

Thank you for taking time to help ensure an optimal process for scheduling experiments at Jefferson Lab. The scheduling is of great importance to the Laboratory User community and the Laboratory and we appreciate your endeavors. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to users at