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GSA Surplus Property (For JLAB Use Only)


We are proud to announce surplus property is offered at other agencies for just the cost of shipping.

GSA surplus Property
The Username & Password for the GSAxcess is GOVUSE and the access is read OnlyClick GSAxcessto review all available surplus.


- JLAB employees interested in surplus property on this site must contact Property Management via email at

Please  provide the Item Control Number, description of the property, project account code, Org account code, & the purpose you will be using the property.


Surplus Property Auction (Public)


Our staff is dedicated to providing a high-level of services and information on our exciting government Property page. We offer a wide-range of items for sale and support a variety of types of sales. Please visit our links above for detailed information.

We would like to thank our previous customers and welcome your comments to make us even more valuable to you.

Surplus Property Auction
We are now using for our internet sales.