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Privacy and Security Notice

Access Badge


Badge Office hours:
Monday - Friday:
8:15am - 12:00am
1:00pm - 4:00pm


*****IMPORTANT NOTE*****: For all Users/Students coming to JLab to run shifts, please email: to plan for and indicate the expected date for any badging requirement (new or extensions) prior to your arrival.

To ensure a timely and efficient transition into the Lab, submittal of the Electronic Access Request Registration Form is required at least 7 days before the onsite arrival start date. Access will not be granted until all required validations and approvals are complete.

The JLab Registration/International Services Office informs the Badge Office to issue a JLab Identification/access badge to approved Users, Students/Teachers and Employees who have completed the registration/orientation process (see New Registration and Returning Foreign Nationals) and successfully completed the required training. Access levels on-site are granted through completion of required training courses for each area (see training).

The JLab identification/access badge must be worn at all times while on-site. Anyone on-site in possession of another person's identification/access badge is at risk of losing on-site access privileges for themselves and the valid identification/access badge holder.

A one-day temporary badge can be issued from the Guard Shack or Badge Office to any valid JLab identification/access badge holder on-site without a badge. Report all lost badges and direct all questions to the JLab Registration/International Services Office at (757) 269-7598.