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2019 Physics Seminars

Speaker Title Date
Gerald Miller
University of Washington
Defining the proton radius: A unified treatment June 21, 2019
Dennis Sivers
Portland Physics Institute & U. Michigan
A Preliminary Description of the Strong Conjecture for Color Confinement in QCD June 19, 2019
Saori Pastore
Physics Department, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of lepton-nucleus interactions June 14, 2019
Donald Jones
Temple University
Reactor Antineutrinos and the PROSPECT Experiment June 7, 2019
Michael Eides
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kentucky
Pentaquarks with Hidden Charm as Hadrocharmonium States May 31, 2019
Vincent Sulkosky
U.S. Department of Defense
Neutron Spin Sum Rules and Spin Polarizabilities at Low Q2 May 24, 2019
Igal Jaegle
University of Florida at Gainesville
Compton photoproduction of axion-like, dark photon, dark scalar, and dark matter particles May 17, 2019
David Hornidge, Ph.D.
Mount Allison University
Threshold Pion Photoproduction in the A2 Collaboration at MAMI April 19, 2019
Axel Schmidt
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The SRC-EMC Connection April 5, 2019
Aram Kotzinian
Turin Division of INFN, Turin, Italy
Accessing single and dihadron TMD fragmentation functions in SIDIS and e+e- annihilation: modeling and MC studies March 22, 2019
Carlos A. Ayerbe Gayoso
College of William & Mary
Tagged Structure Functions and the BONuS experiment with CLAS12 February 12, 2019
Ashot Gasparian
NC A&T State University for the PrimEx Collaboration
The Neutral Pion Life Time: Final Result from the PrimEx Experiments February 8, 2019
Caryn Palatchi
University of Virginia
Upcoming Parity Violation Experiments and the New RTP Pockels Cell February 6, 2019
Scott Barcus
The College of William & Mary
Extraction and Parametrization of Isobaric Tri-nucleon Elastic Cross Sections and Form Factors February 5, 2019
Philip Schuster
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Dark Sector Science in 2019 January 30, 2019
Sheren Alsalmi
Kent State University
A Study of the Nuclear Dependance of the Longitudinal Structure Function in the Resonance Region January 25, 2019
Arun Tadepalli
Rutgers University
Anti-quark structure of Nucleons and Nuclei at the SeaQuest Experiment January 23, 2019
William Henry
Temple University
Precision Møller Polarimetry in Hall A January 16, 2019