JLab Golf League 2015 Information

Event 4 matches, April 27th, scores, handicaps, statistics and standings are updated. Note event 3 was a rain out date and has been added to the end of the schedule.

Dave's random chatter....
A close battle was held on the Deer Run course with Teams 1 and 5. Team 1 led 45-43 after 9, but Team 5 (led by Gary Croke and Kevin Jordan)  won total net by 3 strokes, giving them the 12 bonus points for a 55-45 win. Gary finished with a 44 which was aided by four straight pars.

Over on the Cardinal course, Team 2 (led by Eric Pooser and Denny Insley) kept ahead of Team 4 for a 64-36 victory.

In the other contest (wasn't much of a contest), Team 3 blew out Team 6, 72-28 Team 3 (led by Chris Dreyfuss and Dennis Miner), stayed unbeaten for the season. Chris had 4 pars and 2 birdies to finish with a 38 gross, 33 net, and 20 points.

Wesley Moore and Danny Machie also carded 4 pars each in their matches. Bert Manzlak had the weekly high of 5 bogeys.

Captain's are asked to submit their lineup for next Monday to Mike by the end of this Thursday. Please have subs available just in case one is needed. Let your team know who the subs are.

Rules Committee (3)        K. Dixon, Mestayer, P.Powers

President                            D. Griffith
Vice-President                   M. Spata
Scorekeeper (2)                 M. Zarecky, W. Seay
Treasurer                            P. Adderley

The Daly Dish

For those of you who wish to play more often, please send me an  e-mail to be added to the sub list. Please put "sub list" as the subject.