JLab Golf League 2015 Information

Event 7, May 18th scores, standins, statistics and handicps are now posted. 

Dave the golf club whisperer....
Monday was just a taste of what June, July, and August will be like. It felt 10 degrees cooler in the shade.

Since the league had to play the same course, it seemed like a good idea to ask for earlier tee-times. We were able to get a dozen players that could start before the leagues assigned tee-times. A big THANKS to each one of them.

In one of the matches, Team 3 remained undefeated against Team 1 65-35. The group was led by Les Richardson's 19 points. Team 4 had all 4 players scoring in double-digits. Led by Curt Hovator's 18 points and season low net (30), held off Team 5 66-34.  In the closest match of the day, led by Matt Marchlik (17 pts) and Chris Cuevas (16 pts), Team 2 won total net by 3 strokes to seal the win against
Team 6 58-42.

The course was stingy, but Dennis Miner was able to get 4 Pars, and Mike Spata and Curt Hovator each got a Birdie.

Just a reminder that there are NO league matches scheduled for next Monday.
League play will resume on June 1st.

Enjoy the Holiday!
Get some rest.
Get some practice.
See you in June...

Rules Committee (3)        K. Dixon, Mestayer, P.Powers

President                            D. Griffith
Vice-President                   M. Spata
Scorekeeper (2)                 M. Zarecky, W. Seay
Treasurer                            P. Adderley

The Daly Dish

For those of you who wish to play more often, please send me an  e-mail to be added to the sub list. Please put "sub list" as the subject.