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2021 Summer-Fall: Requirements for people working in the Hall D complex

Training and procedures related to the current MEDCON condition:

  1. General COVID-19 training SAF003 and SAF003KD - see the regular training page
  2. OSP COVID19 pandemic controls (seen from inside of the Lab's firewall). One has to read the OSP and the general checklist (a part of the OSP document). The OSP and the checklist have to be signed upon arrival to the counting house.
  3. Before each visit to the Lab one has to do COVID-19 Daily Self Certification.
  4. The first visit to the counting house has to be coordinated with Work Coordinator, or Run Coordinator, or Hall Leader. The arriving person will receive oral instructions on the Hall D - related procedures (see item 3), and sign the OSP and the checklist.

Training required for Unescorted Entrance to Hall D / Tagger

Training required for shift Workers and personnel testing detectors in Hall D

Due to a volatile MEDCON situation and different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated people, shift taking and work in the hall may be limited to fully vaccinated people!
In addition to the general "Unescorted Entrance" training the shift workers are required to take a specific training. For each running period or a specific experiment a set of safety-related documents is prepared. Verification of reading and understanding these documents is documented by signing the sheet located in a "yellow binder" of the experiment specific documents. These binders can be found in the Hall D counting house and in the MCC.

Documentation for the current running period Links to earlier documents and official document repositories

Safety Pages for earlier periods