Jlab provides training to keep employees current and to advance careers.

The Training and Performance Office provides training of all kinds to help members of the Lab community do their jobs better and develop their untapped potential.  This includes formal training, records and transcripts, as well as individual and group performance consultation.

Need to take a course or class, or make yourself more effective at work?

The Training and Performance Office (TPO) is ready to assist.

The TPO helps employees obtain skills, knowledge, and abilities that increase their effectiveness in the performance of their current duties, while also improving their career opportunities within the laboratory.  TPO does this by providing high-quality education and training services.

These services include:

  • Classroom training on topics from leadership to communication
  • Web-based self-study courses on a variety of subjects
  • A repository of training and required skill records for all employees, users, and contractors
  • Processes for completing required skills training off-site and financial support for selected advanced degree programs
  • Individual and group consultation on process improvement, organizational development, personality typing, setting and assessing performance objectives, and effective business writing.

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