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6410 Appendix T7

Laser Safety – Student Mentor Responsibilities



1.0             Purpose


At Jefferson Lab, an employee who is a student and works with Class 3b or Class 4 lasers is required to be in a structured mentor program. The Laser System Supervisor, responsible for the equipment and/or area, mentors these employees to ensure they develop safe and reliable working skills. This appendix provides the minimum requirements of these programs.


2.0             Scope


NOTE: Special consideration is given to laser users under the age of 18. Division Safety Officer approval is required prior to authorizing them to use Class 2 and Class 3R lasers.


The process steps for this procedure are performed in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 6410 Laser Safety Program.


3.0             Responsibilities


3.1              Laser System Supervisor (LSS)

·         Develop an equipment/area specific laser mentor program, appropriate to the class of laser. This program minimally includes the expectations listed below.

·         Maintain a list of employees who are participating in the specific mentor program.

·         Coordinate escort services for employees who are not adequately trained in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 1400 Communicating Safety to Visitors.


3.2              Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

·         Monitor LSS laser mentor programs to ensure employees complete the requirements.


4.0             Expectations


Employees who are working in a laser laboratory for the first time are expected to understand the hazard issues and associated mitigation techniques required by Jefferson Lab. This laser safety mentor program is to continue until the employee is considered adequately trained by the equipment/area LSS and no longer considered to be a “student.” Regular discussion sessions are to be scheduled in order to facilitate a training/mentoring environment. The following information is to be provided to these employees: 


4.1              Minimum Program Requirements


·         Review the following documents with the student:

o   ES&H Manual Chapter 3210 Work Planning, Control, and Authorization Process and its associated appendices. Ensure they understand Jefferson Lab’s safe work process and the work control documentation requirements.

o   ES&H Manual Chapter 6410 Appendix T1 Laser Operational Safety Procedure (LOSP) and its associated appendices. Ensure they understand the responsibilities of relevant individuals and the process steps required to be performed to ensure safe operation of the equipment.

o   Specific equipment/area LOSP(s) under which they will be working. Ensure they understand:

§  Access controls

§  Interlock system

§  Required laser protective eyewear

§  How to protect oneself from exposure to any laser generated airborne contaminates

§  Fire safety and expected actions (e.g., pull fire alarm vs. attempt to extinguish fire)

§  Emergency procedures

§  How to obtain medical services if injured


·         Have the student work with lower power Class 3R and Class 2 lasers until the LSS determines they are adequately trained to follow the specific LOSP.

·         Have the student demonstrate their understanding of the requirements in ES&H Manual Chapter 6410 Laser System Program and with the operational safety controls for the specific equipment/area in which they will be working, either verbally or written. If the student’s language skills prevent clear verbal communication, it can be written.  



4.2              Monitoring Requirements


·         Ensure personal protective equipment, such as laser safety eyewear, is worn.

·         Ensure the untrained employee is appropriately escorted.

·         Report to the LSS anyone who is not following the provisions of a specific LOSP.


5.0             Revision Summary


Revision 1.4 – 02/27/20 – Added 4.1, Bullet 3 to reinforce the importance effective communication between mentor and student(s)

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