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Chapter 2410 Appendix T2 Hazard Issues Update Procedure
Identification of federal, state, local, and contractual requirements (hereafter known as "regulations") associated with hazard issues at Jefferson Lab is of utmost importance. This procedure describes the process used to identify hazard issues and maintain the procedures within this manual to comply with relevant regulations and best practices.

Jefferson Lab's identified hazard issues are listed in ES&H Manual Chapter 2410 Appendix T1 Hazard Issues List. These issues are identified by Division Safety Officers, and Subject Matter Experts (SME); and acknowledged by upper level management.

his procedure outlines how:
  • Hazards are identified, added, or deleted;
  • The Hazard Issues List is updated; and
  • Changes are communicated to the laboratory population.
Process Steps:

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  • Everyone at Jefferson Lab
  • Supervisors
  • Division Safety Officers (DSO)
  • ESH&Q Associate Director
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