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Jefferson Lab Emeritus Program

Approved by the JSA Compensation Committee

Upon retirement from Jefferson Lab, a former employee may be considered for and appointed to,
emeritus status. Persons to be considered for such a status should be proposed for consideration by an
Associate Director or other senior leader. The Director will then consider the proposal and may submit
the candidature to the Compensation Committee of Jefferson Science Associates.

The title of JSA Scientist Emeritus, JSA Engineer Emeritus, or JSA Technologist Emeritus will initially
be bestowed for a five-year term, with renewable one-year terms available.

Emeritus status is open to retiring or retired scientists, engineers, and technologists who have
demonstrated leadership and contributed to the goals of the Lab during a productive career. Other factors
may be considered including years of service, professional accomplishments and recognition by the
national and international community as evidenced by honors and awards received by the individual.

The small cadre of holders of emeritus appointments will enjoy facilities at the laboratory and the
opportunity for participation in the life of the laboratory. Provided resources permit they will have access
to office space and the computing facilities.

An emeritus staff member may be returned to service to assist with a specific task in a part- or full-time
position as approved by the Lab Director.

Other retirees
Notwithstanding the emeritus program, the current practice of providing to retired employees limited
access to facilities for continued participation in the life of the laboratory at the discretion of division
leaders is not further constrained.