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Chapter 6111 Administrative Control using Locks and Tags
Jefferson Lab uses administrative control locks and/or tags to restrict operation, use, or tampering of equipment or facilities for reasons other than personal protection. They are used to control equipment in a state desired by an authorized individual.

NOTE: Administrative locks or tags are not to be used to protect personnel engaged in maintenance and service work. These activities are subject to Lock, Tag, and Try (LTT) as described in ES&H Manual Chapter 6110 Lock, Tag, Try (LTT) Program.

Security or property control using locks or tags is covered under Jefferson Lab's Property Management Policy and Procedures Manual.

This program defines the responsibilities and qualifications necessary to apply an administrative lock or tag at Jefferson Lab.

Table 1: Required LTT Training by Job Classification

Training Course Qualified Lock/Tag Individual
LTT Training

Technical Appendices:

T1 Administrative Control Using Locks and Tags Procedure
ES&H Manual Chapter 6111 Appendix T1 Administrative Control using Locks and Tags Procedure contains the guidelines for implementing administrative controls relating to locks and/or tags in order to restrict operation, access, equipment use, or tampering for reasons other than maintenance or service work. Activities that require personal protection during maintenance and service work are described in ES&H Manual Chapter 6110 Lock, Tag, Try (LTT) Program.

Note: Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.

Qualified Individuals
  • Current in SAF 104 Lock, Tag, and Try
  • Identify yourself and/or your work group on an applied administrative lock and/or tag; unless ownership is apparent.
  • Remove only those locks or tags that you apply or have you listed as an authorized individual.
  • Recognize and respect all administrative lock and tag control measures.
NOTE: Unauthorized removal of, or tampering with, an administrative lock or tag results in disciplinary actions in accordance with the Jefferson Lab Administrative Manual and consistent with unauthorized tampering or removal of maintenance/service lock, tag, try (LTT) controls.
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