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Users Group Workshop and Annual Meeting

"2018 JLab Users Group Meeting"
June 18-20, 2018
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA


All talks include a Q&A period. Talks are 32+8 minutes long, 24+6 minutes long or 16+4 minutes long.

Monday June 18, 2018

Session chair: J. Roche  
9:00 Welcome K. Kumar
9:10 NAS EIC report A. Aprahamian
9:50 JLEIC concept V. Morozov
10:10 JLEIC detector concept, technology and simulation Y. Furletova
10:30 Coffee Break  
Session chair: I. Cloet  
11:00 Going TOPSiDe at the EIC W. Armstrong
11:20 From 12 GeV to EIC: Imaging M. Diehl
12:00 Scientific Computing at Jefferson Lab A. Boehnlein
12:20 Lunch break
Grad student lunch seminar (F113):
"Through the Looking Glass and What CEBAF Found There - Parity Violating Electron Scattering" Speaker: Ciprian Gal
Session chair: L. Weinstein  
2:00 From 12 GeV to EIC: Tagged physics T. Horn
2:40 Short range correlations, generalized contact formalism and their implications R. Cruz Torres
3:00 Polarization Observables in High Energy Photoproduction at GlueX W. McGinley
3:20 Coffee break  
Session chair: N. Baltzell  
3:50 From 12 GeV to EIC: GPDs C. Hyde
4:30 Nucleon structure investigations from Lattice QCD M. Constantinou
4:50 The current analysis status of the PRad experiment W. Xiong
5:10 Color transparency at 12 GeV L. Kabir
5:30 Poster session / Reception  


Tuesday June 19, 2018

  Session chair: J. Stevens  
9:00 JLab overview S. Henderson
9:30 JLab Science program R. McKeown
10:00 Postdoc Prize C. Fanelli
10:30 Coffee break  
  Session chair: C. Hyde  
11:00 From 12 GeV to EIC: QCD in nuclei C. Weiss
11:40 Business meeting K. Kumar
12:00 Lunch break
Grad student lunch seminar (F113):
"Workshop on Negotiation" Speaker: Allena Opper
  Session chair: A. Biselli  
2:00 From 12 GeV to the EIC: Color propagation T. Mineeva
2:40 Proton Pressure and Gravitational Form Factors with DVCS FX. Girod
3:00 Medium modification of L-T structure functions at resonance region S. Alsalmi
3:20 Coffee break  
  Session chair: K. Kumar  
3:50 Prizes ceremonies J. Draayer
4:00 Thesis Prize A. Baroni
4:30 NSF report A. Opper
5:00 DOE report T. Hallman
5:30 Adjourn


Wednesday June 20, 2018

  Session chair: O. Hen  
9:00 Accelerator update A. Freyberger
9:30 Heavy quark exotics T. Skwarnicki
10:10 EMC effet and correlated nucleons: when one plus one is not two B. Schmookler
10:30 Coffee break  
  Session chair: L. El Fassi  
11:00 Resonances in coupled-channel scattering from Lattice QCD D. Wilson
11:40 Threshold J/Ψ production at GlueX L. Pentchev
12:00 Lunch break
Grad student lunch seminar (F113):
"Panel: The postdoc experience Q&A" Speakers: F. Hauenstein, C. Gal, J. Stevens, H. Vance, S. Malace
  Session chair: C. Palatchi  
2:00 Experimental spectroscopy: precision and exotics S. Dobbs
2:40 Global analysis of parton densities and fragmentation functions C. Andres
3:00 Scattering on Tritium: from EMC to SRC F. Hauenstein
3:20 Coffee break  
  Session chair: K. Paschke  
3:50 From 12 GeV to EIC: EMC-SRC A. Schmidt
4:30 Current results from Hall A GMp experiment E. Christy
4:50 From 12 GeV to EIC: TMDs H. Gao
5:30 Adjourn