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Chapter 6660 Hazardous Material Transport

Jefferson Lab has determined that working with hazardous materials carries an unmitigated Risk Code >2. At a minimum all tasks requiring hazardous materials are discussed with the supervisor prior to commencement of work. An Operational Safety Procedure (OSP) is written for any work considered to be Risk Code >2 in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 3210 Work Planning, Control, and Authorization Process.

Jefferson Lab allows limited quantities of hazardous material to be transferred1 from one location to another (i.e.: on-site), and shipped2 (i.e.: off-site) in accordance with identified safety standards. This appendix provides the process steps used to ensure appropriate safety precautions are utilized during these operations.

This appendix applies to hazardous material in quantities at or below "Allowable On-site Transfer Limits" (as noted below). On-site transport in quantities exceeding these limits required a work control document; or Only Jefferson Lab's Industrial Hygiene Department, Radiation Control Department, or Shipping and Receiving Department can authorize off-site hazardous material shipment of any quantity.

The following hazardous materials have additional requirements: In-bound hazardous materials may be transported by Jefferson Lab staff from a vendor to the Lab when following the guidelines provided in Table 1 of this ESH Manual Chapter. This guidance is intended to meet the Department of Transportation's Materials of Trade exemption when items are for the sole purpose of supporting Lab business.


Review Requirements
All work control documents dealing with hazardous material on-site transfer are reviewed by Jefferson Lab's Property Manager (i.e.: Hazardous Materials Transportation Officer)

The following hazardous materials require additional reviews:
  • Radioactive Material - Radiation Control Manager
  • Hazardous Chemicals - Industrial Hygiene
  • Biohazard Material - Occupational Medicine



Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.

Anyone at Jefferson Lab
  • When transferring or shipping hazardous material, follow the process steps provided below.
    • Prepare the Transfer Location
    • Identify the Hazardous Material and Quantity
    • Review the Transportation Requirements for the Identified Hazard Class
    • Transfer Hazardous Material
  • Request hazardous material identification from Industrial Hygiene as needed.
Supervisors/Subcontracting Officer's Technical Representative (SOTR)/Sponsor
  • Ensure only qualified and appropriately trained individuals are allowed to transfer hazardous material on-site and ship hazardous material off-site. The JTA tool will identify required training.
  • SOTRs provide Jefferson Lab's transportation requirements to subcontractors. DOE O 460.1D Contractor Requirements Document (CDR) defines these requirements.
Industrial Hygiene
  • Provide assistance with hazardous material identification as needed.
Property Manager (i.e.: Hazardous Materials Transportation Officer)
  • Ensure only qualified and appropriately trained individuals are allowed to ship hazardous material off-site.
  • Review all work control documents (OSP, etc.) dealing with hazardous material on-site transfer or off-site shipping.
  • Ensure compliance with on-site transfer and off-site shipping hazardous materials rules and regulations.

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[1] For the purposes of this document the term "on-site transfer" refers to the movement of hazardous material from one area to another within the continuous boundary of Jefferson Lab property.
[2] For the purposes of this document the term "off-site shipment" refers to the movement of hazardous material, under the authority of Jefferson Lab, to a location outside the continuous boundary of Jefferson Lab.

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