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Safety Incentive Program

Objective: Promote safe behaviors, activities and accomplishments through positive reinforcement to improve safety across the laboratory.

Key attributes of the safety incentive program are:

  1. The program cannot result in under-reporting of occupational injuries/illnesses, near misses or accidents.
  2. A graded approach to positive reinforcement will be adhered to ranging from individual modest value gift (e.g. flashlight, cup, lanyard, etc.) to one hundred dollar cash value. Three gradations, lowest to highest, are described below:
    • JLab Safety-On-The-Spot incentive award: Recognizes safe behavior observed by any supervisor/manager. This is awarded by the supervisor/manager and includes a gift of modest value (flashlight, cup, lanyard, etc.). The Lab will order and put in stores several hundred of these items.
    • JLab Safety Achievement Award: Recognizes individual employees that have performed above and beyond normal job duties to ensure the safety of their coworkers, the public, or the environment. This is a cash award, nominated and approved for nominally $50 (after taxes) and is presented by the AD, COO or Deputy Director for Science and is accompanied by a JSA Certificate of Appreciation (previously established by the COO).
    • JLab Director’s Safety Award: Recognizes employees that have gone significantly above and beyond their normal job duties in achieving a major safety related accomplishment. This is a cash award, nominated and approved for nominally $100 (after taxes) and is presented by the AD, COO, Deputy Director for Science or Laboratory Director.
  3. This safety incentive program will NOT reward absence of occupational injury or illness, near misses, or accidents. Rather, it will incentivize precursor activities promoting safety at JLab.
  4. Each division/directorate will fund, administer and track their safety incentives. The CFO will allocate appropriate funding based on headcount to each division/ directorate to ensure contract limits are not exceeded. Each division/directorate is responsible for keeping within their allocation.
  5. The total cost of this program along with service awards and other employee recognition programs will not exceed 0.05% (0.0005) of JSA’s annual operating budget. The CFOs office will track this to ensure the Lab is compliant with this limit.
  6. Cash awards will be grossed up so employees receive the stated nominal cash value, respectively.
  7. Subcontractors and users can be awarded "JLab Safety-On-The-Spot" awards.
  8. The award should be presented as soon as practicable after the initiating event.

No awards are retroactive.

Program Administration

Award Payment Request Form

Safety Incentive Certificate (to be completed by the requesting supervisor)