Accelerator Seminar: Alex Fomin

Alex Fomin
Conference Date
Conference Location

TL 1227

Title: Lattice Design and Beam Dynamics Studies for PERLE

Speaker: Alex Fomin, PERLE

Abstract: The PERLE (Powerful Energy Recovery LINAC for Experiment) collaboration is working on a high power (10 MW) energy recuperation linac facility with three acceleration (up to 500 MeV) and three deceleration passes. The objective of the project is to explore a broad range of accelerator phenomena and to validate technical choices improving accelerators efficiency in an unexplored operational power regime on the pathway of the ERL technology development for future energy and intensity frontier machines like LHeC. The installation of the injection line is ongoing and the start of ERL construction is scheduled for the next year with commissioning at top energy around 2031. Current lattice design for two construction phases of the machine (250 and 500 MeV) together with preliminary results of beam tracking will be presented.

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