Accelerate your career with a new role at the nation's newest national laboratory. Here you can be part of a team exploring the building blocks of matter and lay the ground work for scientific discoveries that will reshape our understanding of the atomic nucleus. Join a community with a common purpose of solving the most challenging scientific and engineering problems of our time.

Title Job ID Category Date Posted
Fire Detection Technician 12428 Misc./Trades
Hall D Staff Scientist 12384 Science
Staff Mechanical Engineer III 12403 Engineering
Procurement Officer 12464 Purchasing
STARS Accountant 12454 Accounting
Procurement Support Assistant 12457 Clerical/Admin.
Cryogenics Deputy Department Head 12434 Engineering
Engineering Staff Scientist 12446 Science
Computer Scientist 12443 Computer
Postdoctoral Fellow 12427 Science
SRF Research Instrument Engineer 12400 Engineering
Electrical / Electronic Equipment Compliance Inspector 12341 Misc./Trades
Electrical Engineering Student Intern 12352 Engineering
Quality Assurance Manager 12346 Engineering
CIS Postdoctoral Fellow 12370 Science
Sr. Technologist / Designer 12440 Engineering
Travel and Accounting Lead 12459 Accounting
Cybersecurity Graduate Student Intern 12334 Computer
MIS Reporting Analyst 12451 Computer
Senior SRF Accelerator Scientist 12240 Science
Inspection Records Administrator 12342 Clerical/Admin.
Procurement Officer 12462 Purchasing
Accelerator Operator 12419 Technology
Cryogenic Mechanical Engineer 12287 Engineering
SRF Staff Scientist 12290 Science
Travel and Accounting Specialist 12458 Accounting
Instrumentation and Controls Electrical Technician 12463 Electronics
Administrative Assistant 12387 Clerical/Admin.
SRF Cavity Assembly Technician 12449 Technology
SRF Electronic Fabrication Technician 12238 Electronics
Sr. Technologist / Designer 12441 Engineering
Cryogenics Pipe Welder/Fitter 12372 Technology
Staff Engineer 12453 Engineering
Project Risk Manager 12345 Management
Electrical Engineering Student Intern 12337 Engineering
Electrical Engineering Manager - RF Group Leader 12435 Engineering
Communications Office Student Intern 12460 Public Relations
Technologist/Design Drafter 12448 Technology
Accelerator Operator 12447 Technology
Project Controls Group Leader 12315 Management
Treasury Accountant 12452 Financial Services

A career at Jefferson Lab is more than a job. You will be part of “big science” and work alongside top scientists and engineers from around the world unlocking the secrets of our visible universe. Managed by Jefferson Science Associates, LLC; Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility is entering an exciting period of mission growth and is seeking new team members ready to apply their skills and passion to have an impact. You could call it work, or you could call it a mission. We call it a challenge. We do things that will change the world.

Welcome from Stuart Henderson, Lab Director
Why choose Jefferson Lab
    Middle School Science Bowl competitors huddle together to brainstorm the answer.
    Local teachers share ideas for a classroom activity with other teachers during Teacher Night.
    Two young learners hold up a model of the atom during Deaf Science Camp.
    Staff Scientist Douglas Higinbotham snaps a selfie with some of the postdoc students he is mentoring.

At Jefferson Lab we believe in giving back to our community and encouraging the next generation of scientists and engineers. Our staff reaches out to students to advance awareness and appreciation of the range of research carried out within the DOE national laboratory system, to increase interest in STEM careers for women and minorities, and to encourage everyone to become a part of the next-generation STEM workforce. We are recognized for our innovative programs like:

  • 1,500 students from 15 Title I schools engage in the Becoming Enthusiastic About Math and Science (BEAMS) program at the lab each school year.

  • 60 teachers are enrolled in the Jefferson Science Associates Activities for Teachers (JSAT) program at the lab inspiring 9,000 students annually.

  • 24 high school students have internships and 34 college students have mentorships at the lab.


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Meet our people
  • Ryan Biraben - Hall A Engineer

    Adaptability, flexibility prove invaluable in lab and abroad

    During his working hours, one might find Ryan Biraben with his nose deep in an engineering standards manual, looking for the formula to calculate the seismic load of a new piece of equipment. After all, such a focus on detail is important for an engineer working in Jefferson Lab’s Experimental Hall A.

    But, when he is not making calculations and performing checks and rechecks, Biraben tends more to the adventurous side. His travels take him far and wide to the most off-the-beaten-path destinations he can find, where he takes care to blend in with the locals.

    Biraben—a Jeet Kune Do martial arts instructor—embodies the philosophy that, “Whatever works for you, you should use.” This mentality has served him especially well when required to quickly adapt to unpredicted turns in his career and travels.

    For instance, one such adventure that demonstrates well how Biraben applies this life philosophy happened on a solo trip he took in his twenties deep into the Peruvian Andes.

    “A lot of things didn’t go quite right on that trip,” Biraben laughs. “First, when I arrived in Cusco, Peru, I learned the airline had lost my bag. I was leaving for the hike the next day, and all I had was one pair of pants, sneakers, and whatever was in my backpack. I would not recommend hiking in the Andes mountains in sneakers.”

    While on the mountain trails, Biraben and his crew, which consisted of a porter, a cook, and a guide, had to navigate muddy, washed-out trails that made the journey particularly challenging. The cook suggested that the group hike half a day to his village of Soqma, where they could rest and experience the local culture. There, Biraben was welcomed by the villagers, where he was entertained with stories told by charades, since most villagers only spoke Quechua, and where he dined on a traditional dish called Cuy, which is roasted guinea pig, and also the villagers’ homemade corn beer, Chicha..

    “From there, I wanted to get to Machu Picchu,” Biraben recalls. “And the trails were steep and muddy and tough to travel on by foot, so the villagers lent me a horse.”

    Biraben’s first job as a child was at a horse farm, so he was comfortable around horses. Yet, this was the first time he had ridden one down a steep, slippery slope of a mountain while wearing muddy, grip-less sneakers.

    Once down the mountain, Biraben and his guides started on foot up the ancient Inca trail toward the Andean cloud forest and Machu Picchu—an arduous hike that would take a couple of days.

    “I twisted my ankle at the start of the hike,” he groans. “It was a long, tiring hike for me, and when we get to the top, my guide points around this bend to what he identifies as the ‘Sun Gate’ and tells me that once I cross through that gate, I’ll see Machu Picchu.

    “So, I’m hiking towards what’s supposed to be this jewel of a ruin hidden away in the middle of nowhere, and I’m hurting. I’ve worked so hard to get here, and I round the corner to see hundreds—if not thousands—of tourists. That’s the moment I learned there is a bus to take people to Machu Picchu from the nearby village of Aguas Calientes.

    The philosophy minor retreated to Aguas Calientes for the remainder of the day to rest his ankle and returned to the ruins by bus the following day.

    “Whatever works for you, that’s what you should use,” Biraben says.

    For Biraben, that philosophy rings true to this day, and he applies it amply wherever needed, from his quick adaptation to new challenges in his position at Jefferson Lab, to maintaining flexibility and zeal for the unexpected in his many travels.

    By Carrie Rogers

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    Machu Picchu Sun Gate

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The Jefferson Lab campus is located in southeastern Virginia amidst a vibrant and growing technology community with deep historical roots that date back to the founding of our nation. Staff members can live on or near the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay region or find peace in the deeply wooded coastal plain. You will have easy access to nearby beaches, mountains, and all major metropolitan centers along the United States east coast.

To learn more about the region and its museums, wineries, parks, zoos and more, visit the Virginia tourism page, Virginia is for Lovers

To learn more about life at Jefferson Lab, click here.


We support our inventors! The lab provides resources to employees for the development of patented technology -- with over 180 awarded to date! Those looking to obtain patent coverage for their newly developed technologies and inventions while working at the lab are supported and mentored by technology experts, from its discovery to its applied commercialization, including opportunities for monetary awards and royalty sharing. Learn more about our patents and technologies here.

  • Ron Lassiter
    Ron Lassiter
    Mechanical Designer

    “Here at the lab you get to see what you’ve worked on. You can hold it in your hands. It’s rewarding to know that you’ve played a part in helping the machine to be successful.”

  • Jianwei Qiu
    Jianwei Qiu
    Associate Director For Theoretical And Computational Physics

    "My own research enables me to better lead the Theory Center, to lead our collaboration, to provide good guidance to our junior researchers on the team, and to provide valuable input to the advisory and review committees that I serve"

  • Jian-Ping Chen
    Jian-Ping Chen
    Senior Staff Scientist

    “Every time we solve problems, we contribute. It’s exciting times for new results and discoveries.”

  • Scott Conley
    Scott Conley
    Environmental Management Team

    "There is world-class research going on here. Any given day you can be in the room with genius physicists and that’s just amazing.”

  • Katherine Wilson
    Katherine Wilson
    Staff Engineer

    “Generally, the mechanical engineers at the lab support the physicists. The physicists have the big ideas about how to support new science, and the engineers figure out how to make that happen.”

Jefferson Science Associates, LLC manages and operates the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. Jefferson Science Associates/Jefferson Lab is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer and does not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or veteran status or on any other basis prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the employment process, please send an e-mail to or call (757) 269-7598 between 8 am – 5 pm EST to provide the nature of your request.

"Proud V3-Certified Company"

A Proud V3-Certified Company
JSA/Jefferson Lab values the skills, experience and expertise veterans can offer due to the myriad of experiences, skill sets and knowledge service members achieve during their years of service. The organization is committed to recruiting, hiring, training and retaining veterans, and its ongoing efforts has earned JSA/Jefferson Lab the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) certification, awarded by the Commonwealth of Virginia.