Serving the Jefferson Lab User Community

The Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, or CEBAF, is a scientific user facility that is open for research to scientists and students worldwide. We welcome researchers in nuclear physics, accelerator science and related fields to join us in our mission to explore the building blocks of matter and discover technologies that enable our research.

CEBAF has drawn more than 1,690 scientist users to Jefferson Lab in fiscal year 2019, including staff scientists, professors, researchers, postdocs and undergraduate and graduate students working on a variety of research projects in computation, data analysis, experiment preparation and related activities in Newport News, VA.

Whether you are a new student or a veteran scientist, we hope these pages provide you the information you need to further your research at Jefferson Lab.

Annually, the Jefferson Lab Users Organization Board of Directors (JLUO BoD) plans a summer meeting for the Jefferson Lab scientific community to showcase scientific results, upcoming research, award winners and trending topics. The meeting also provides many opportunities for collaboration within the community. The next meeting will take place June 22-24, 2020.

The Graduate Student and Postdoc Association (GSPDA) serves members of the Jefferson Lab Users Group student and early career scientist community by offering further opportunities for learning and growth within the nuclear physics research field, such as monthly seminars, a summer lecture series and award opportunities. Learn more in the student orientation brochure.

The first step to becoming a member of the Jefferson Lab Users Group or for visiting Jefferson Lab as a visiting scientist or student is to register for access. Registration provides all information required by the lab for site and building access, obtaining a computer account, gaining access for acquiring necessary training and other services. Visit the link to begin your registration process.

User Liaison facilitates the lab's scientific program by maintaining effective channels of communication between the JLab staff, JLab user community, associated scientists and engineers from across the world; providing solutions for the needs of the user community and assisting users with their use of the lab's facilities.

Please see the list below of frequently required courses and their term expiration. Click the course link below to start training!


Skill Code

Term Expiration

Annual Security Awareness


Annually (January)

Physics Division Work Governance


Annually (January)

General Access RWP


Annually (December)

Oxygen Deficiency Hazard


2 years (24 months) from date taken

RadWorker 1 Test


2 years (24 months) from date taken

ES&H Orientation


3 years (36 months) from date taken

*You will need to complete a key audit annually (Feb-Mar).

Each year we very much look forward to a true avalanche of young scientists visiting Jefferson Lab and working with our users and staff on a variety of science projects. Last summer we again enjoyed having 208 students (ranging from high school to graduate level) work with us, of which about 85% were with the Physics Division.
In order to prepare for these students, and especially to maintain a safe working environment at Jefferson Lab, we are working annually with mentors and university advisors to gather information about our student body, and in particular to update our knowledge about the status of the students, to learn about any new prospective students coming to the lab, and about the anticipated activities of both new and returning students. Please click the title for complete instructions.