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One graduate student and three postdoctoral research scientists are awarded fellowships to advance the science of an electron-ion collider
After an extensive search, Camille Ginsburg has been selected as the director of accelerator operations at Jefferson Lab  
After school program for middle school science teachers helps hone skills
Kurtis Bartlett won the 2018 JSA Thesis Prize for making measurements that helped determine the weak charge of the proton
Members of the media are invited to a poster session highlighting summer intern science projects at Jefferson Lab
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Nine graduate students have been awarded research fellowships.
Theorist Andrea Signori wins the 2019 JSA Postdoctoral Prize for work to explain how quarks build particles.
Registration is now open for Jefferson Lab’s annual summer science camp for deaf and hard-of-hearing youth, siblings and children of a deaf adult.


After a three-year hiatus, the STEM-focused high school internship program has returned to lab campus
Jefferson Lab’s 47th Program Advisory Committee met in July to review proposals for future experiments with the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility
Supporting scientific innovation and the growth of small businesses through strategic outreach
For a decade now, Carlos Hernandez-Garcia spearheaded a program that brings undergraduate students from Mexico to Jefferson Lab to study accelerator physics
In an earlier post, I made the case that physicists have the potential to be inventors (Inventors and Physicists: a Great Partnership).
Jefferson Lab reaffirms their commitment to the SPARK program in order to combat students' summer slide during the warmer months
Annual retiree planning workshop recognized for educational efforts of participants nearing retirement age
Preparing for datasets beyond the petascale.

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