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The Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics pursues a broad program of theoretical research in all areas of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and hadron physics, promoting and supporting the physics studied at Jefferson Lab and related facilities around the world.

The center provides opportunities for postdoctoral fellows to develop professionally, trains Ph.D. students, supports a strong visitor program, and advises the laboratory on the scientific merit of its program and plans for future development.

Wednesday, May 22, 1:00 p.m. Room L102
Elliot Leader (Imperial College), Can LASER Optics Resolve the remaining particle physics angular momentum controversy

Photo of Raul Briceno

Raul Briceno, a Jefferson Lab – Old Dominion University jointly appointed staff member, has been awarded a 2018 DOE Early Career Award. The five-year award will be applied to research on multi-hadron systems via lattice QCD.

A young theorist gestures at a whiteboard full of text.

Applications are now open for the Nathan Isgur Distinguished Research Fellowship, three postdoctoral positions in nuclear theory, and an LDRD postdoctoral position in nuclear theory/machine learning.