Science at the Luminosity Frontier: Jefferson Lab at 22 GeV

Conference Date
Conference Location

LNF-INFN in Frascati (Italy)

This workshop will focus on the continuing development of the scientific case for a 22 GeV upgrade to CEBAF made possible by recent novel advances in accelerator technology. CEBAF’s envisioned capabilities, at the highest luminosities, will enable exciting opportunities that give scientists the full suite of tools necessary to comprehensively understand how QCD builds hadronic matter in the valence region. Through this workshop, JLab and its user community will continue to build the science case with descriptions and concrete projections for experiments that would become possible with an upgrade.  We encourage our users and others interested to submit talks and ideas to the relevant topical organizers listed below.

Workshop Chairs:

David Dean (, Cynthia Keppel (, and Patrizia Rossi (

Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee
Marco Mirazita (LNF)
Patrizia Rossi (JLAB-LNF)