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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Standard Model Parameters and Renormalization

[pdf] Ian Allison $m_c/m_s$ from the HISQ action
[pdf] Yasumichi Aoki Quark mass renormalization with non-exceptional momenta
[pdf] Martha Constantinou O(a^2) corrections to the fermion propagator and fermion bilinears
[pdf] Justin Foley Tuning improved anisotropic actions in lattice perturbation theory
[pdf] Patrick Fritzsch Non-perturbative quark mass dependence in the heavy-light sector of two-flavour QCD
[pdf] Iain Kendall Precision Scale Determination from the Upsilon Spectrum
[pdf] Bjorn Leder A non-perturbative test of the chirally rotated Schrodinger functional
[pdf] Peter Lepage Precise Heavy-Quark Masses and Coupling Constants from Lattice QCD
[pdf] Kim Maltman The determination of alpha_s(M_Z) from perturbative analyses of short-distance-sensitive lattice QCD observables revisited
[ppt] Keiko Murano Universality of the Nf=2 Running Coupling in the Sch\"odinger Functional Scheme.
[pdf] Paula Perez Rubio Fermionic correlation functions from the staggered Schroedinger functional
[pdf] Paul Rakow The hadronic light-by-light contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon: a lattice approach
[pdf] Stefan Sint A perturbative study of the chirally rotated Schroedinger functional
[pdf] Shinji Takeda Perturbative analysis of the Neuberger-Dirac operator in the Schroedinger functional
[pdf] Yusuke Taniguchi Non-perturbative renormalization of Nf=2+1 QCD with Schroedinger functional scheme
[pdf] Christian Torrero Towards a determination of $c_{SW}$ using Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory (NSPT)
[pdf] Georg von Hippel $D_s$ physics from fine dynamical lattices