The HUGS pedagogical page

This is a list of references in preparation for and in support of the HUGS program. Further specific references will be suggested by the speakers. You are also welcome to browse the similarly aimed CTEQ pedagogical page, and to send us your comments and suggestions (

General texbooks

(General) QCD

(Perturbative) QCD

3D Structure of Nucleons

Lattice QCD

Nuclear structure and interactions

Computing and data science

  • VanderPlaas - Python Data Science Handbook 
      -  A practical intro and online reference for Datascience, Python, Jupyter, and all that 

And finally....

... if you are in for a bibliographical feast, not necessarily related to HUGS, you may try "How to become a good theoretical physicist" by G. 't Hooft. (We are not aware of a similar list for experimental physicists, but if you find one, please drop us a note!)