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6140 Material Handling Equipment Program



1.0          Purpose


Jefferson Lab recognizes that safe operation of material handling equipment depends on the skills of the operator and the condition of the equipment. This Material Handling Equipment Program includes minimum requirements for training; inspection and maintenance, procurement, and access to this type of equipment to ensure safe operation. 


Jefferson Lab bases this program on DOE-STD-1090-2011: Hoisting and Rigging Standard (Formerly Hoisting and Rigging Manual) and other standards contained in the ES&H Manual Chapter 2410 Appendix T1 Hazard Issues List.


2.0          Scope


This chapter and its associated appendices apply to powered industrial vehicles such as fork lifts; overhead and mobile cranes; and rigging equipment owned or operated on behalf of Jefferson Lab. Training and operation requirements apply to everyone at Jefferson Lab.


NOTE: Unauthorized use of material handling equipment at Jefferson Lab results in disciplinary action in accordance with Administrative Manual - 212 Voluntary and Involuntary Separations.


3.0          Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1           Material Handling Manager (MHM)

·       Serves as Jefferson Lab’s subject matter expert (SME) for material handling equipment.

·       Approves lift plans, and monitors critical lifts.

·       Serves as the SME for rigging.

·       Reviews all lift plans, and observes critical lifts.

·       Reviews training requirements and approves operator’s qualifications. This includes review and approval of equivalent training.

·       Acknowledge, in writing, that the evaluated knowledge and capabilities of a Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative (SOTR) and project support staff are adequate along with providing the level of responsibility to be assumed.

·       Oversees the Material Handling Equipment Program which includes:

o   Approving purchase requisitions for material handling equipment and attachments.

o   Inspecting new, leased, and subcontractor-provided material handling equipment, and below-the-hook lifting devices (BTHLDs) upon arrival. 

o   Approves qualifications of “Appointed Persons” (per DOE-STD-1090-2011: Hoisting and Rigging Standard (Formerly Hoisting and Rigging Manual).

o   Maintains records of Qualified Operators.

o   Manages inspections, and authorizes maintenance and repairs required for material handling equipment and maintains these records on file.

o   Maintains the key distribution system for material handling equipment and associated attachment.

o   Coordinating material handling safety documentation throughout construction projects.


3.2           Supervisor/Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative (SOTR):

·       Acknowledge that an employee has a job related need to operate material handling equipment and approve training. Inclusion of SAF403 Overhead Crane Operator Certification Training, SAF502 Forklift/Forktruck Operator, Inspection and Testing Training, and/or SAF 502B Forklift Attachment Training in an employee’s Skills Requirements List (SRL) is acceptable evidence of supervisory acknowledgement and approval.

·       Use ES&H Manual 6141 Appendix T4 Hoisting and Rigging Operations (Including Planning a Lift) to determine lift category and act as the “Appointed Person” for critical lifts, in accordance with DOE-STD-1090-2011: Hoisting and Rigging Standard (Formerly Hoisting and Rigging Manual)

3.2.1      SOTR also:

·       Inform subcontractors that material handling equipment and associated attachments/equipment, brought on site, are inspected by Jefferson Lab’s MHSR prior to commencement of work.

·       Ensure subcontractor’s operators are adequately trained and qualified minimally to Jefferson Lab requirements. Refer to ES&H Manual Chapter 6141 Material Handling Equipment – Rigging, Cranes, and Hoists and/or ES&H Manual Chapter 6145 Material Handling Equipment – Forklifts and Attachments.

·       Notify the MHM when subcontractors bring material handling equipment on site and coordinates inspections.

·       Notify the MHM and coordinate critical lifts.

·       Contact the MHM well in advance if a use of a forklift attachment is required by a subcontractor.

·       Monitor the performance of subcontractor’s material handling operations and notifies MHM of any concerns.

·       Coordinate with MHM on access restricted construction sites to ensure the requirements of the referenced standards are satisfied.

·       Receive the MHM acknowledgement, in writing, that evaluated knowledge and capabilities of the SOTR and project support staff are adequate along with the level of responsibility to be assumed.


3.3           Jefferson Lab Qualified Operators:

·       Report material handling equipment damage or malfunctions to the MHM.

·       When using material handling equipment to conduct Jefferson Lab business at another facility:

o   Review the facility’s appropriate material handling equipment policies and procedures.

o   Follow the more stringent safety procedures.


3.4           Procurement Department

·       Ensure the MHM approves purchase requisitions for material handling equipment, associated attachments and equipment.

·       Ensure material handling safety requirements are included in subcontract document when identified.

·       Ensure compliance with DOE-STD 1090-2007 Appendix A Procurement Guidelines prior to purchasing material handling equipment.


3.5           Occupational Medicine

·       Evaluate qualified operators in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 6800 Occupational Medicine  to meet the physical and visual requirements to safely operate material handling equipment (MED01 Medical Monitoring for Hazardous Work).


4.0          Expectations


4.1           Training Requirements

Jefferson Lab requires material handling operators to be approved by their supervisor/SOTR and trained and/or approved by the MHM in the proper operation of the machines and associated equipment. ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Appendix T1 Training Requirements for Material Handling Equipment provides the general training requirements for all material handling equipment owned or used on behalf of Jefferson Lab


4.2           Procurement Requirements

Jefferson Lab requires that procurements, leases, and related repair and maintenance services for material handling equipment (including forklifts, cranes, hoists, attachments, contracted equipment, subcontracted services) follow the procedure provided in ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Appendix T2 Procurement of Material Handling Equipment. 


4.3           Inspection and Maintenance

Jefferson Lab routinely inspects and maintains the material handling equipment used on its behalf.  ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Appendix T3 Inspection and Maintenance Procedure for Material Handling Equipment provides the procedure for this requirement. Inspection and maintenance activities are based on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers national standards. 


4.4           Access Restrictions

Access to material handling equipment is controlled through the use of engineered and/or administrative controls (key box and/or group leaders). The MHM authorizes access to specific equipment by qualified operators who have completed the required training in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Appendix T4 Access Restriction to Material Handling Equipment.


5.0          Reference

·      DOE-STD-1090-2011: Hoisting and Rigging Standard (Formerly Hoisting and Rigging Manual)

6.0          Revision Summary


Revision 1.5 – 01/24/18 – Updated TPOC from B.Sperlazza to M.Loewus

Revision 1.4 – 02/09/17 – Updated TPOC from D.Kausch to B.Sperlazza per B.Sperlazza

Revision 1.3 – 12/18/15 – Eliminated two positions previously identified as the MHSR and the MHER, the responsibilities of these positions are now performed by the MHM

Revision 1.2 – 12/04/14 – Periodic Review; added reference to DOE-STD-1090-2011

Revision 1.1 – 11/10/10 – Minor edits per D. Kausch.

Revision 1.0 – 04/12/10 – Updated to reflect current laboratory operations.










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