2023 JSA Poster Competition

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CC Atrium

We are happy to announce the Sixteenth Annual Poster Competition for Graduate Students! The poster session will occur in-person on Monday, June 26th at the Users Group Annual Meeting in conjunction with a reception. The first, second, and third-place prizes will be $500, $250, and $100 respectively. Each winner will additionally receive $500 in travel support to present their work at a meeting of their choosing.

Judging criteria: Judges will weigh the poster and the presentation so that 40% of the score will come from the poster itself (poster quality), 40% will come from the presentation to the judges (command of subject matter), and 20% of the score will be based on the total impression made by both the poster and the presentation. Please remember that a poster should be concise enough to be read in its entirety in less than 10 minutes. Posters with excessive detail will be penalized.

Interested students should submit an abstract electronically (.ps or .pdf format) to: lorelei@jlab.org Abstracts must be received no later than Friday, June 2nd, and should be 300 words or less*. Those participating should register for the Users Group Meeting. Students that are delivering a talk are still eligible to submit a poster. The poster competition will be held in-person only.

This program is supported by the Jefferson Science Associate (JSA) Initiatives Fund Program, a commitment from the JSA owner, SURA. The Initiatives Funds support programs, initiatives, and activities that further the scientific outreach, promote the science, education and technology of the Jefferson Lab and benefit the Lab's extended user community in ways that complement the Lab's basic and applied research missions.


Organizing Committee

Lorelei Carlson
Nathaly Santiesteban
Ezekiel Wertz