Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs June 19, 2013

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
June 19, 2013

12 GeV Upgrade

Significant progress is being made on the assembly and testing of CLAS12 detectors. The sixth and last sector of the PreShower Calorimeter for CLAS12 is stacked and is being readied for testing with cosmic rays. Members of the Old Dominion University group have finished stringing the Region 2 drift chambers and now are installing high-voltage and readout electronics cards on other completed chambers. The fifth and sixth (last) Region 1 chambers are being strung at Idaho State University, and the fifth Region 3 chamber continues being strung at Jefferson Lab. The first full modules of the Silicon Vertex Tracker barrel have been fully tested at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and exhibit better noise performance than required. Preparations are underway for the SVT manufacturing readiness review to be held in late June at Fermilab. The parts for the containment vessel for the High Threshold Cerenkov Counter (HTCC) have arrived. Assembly of the Forward Time-of-Flight FTOF 1-b slats is complete at the University of South Carolina. The second set of arrays of existing TOF slat arrays from CLAS are being refurbished, with a parallel effort underway for the sectors of the existing Cerenkov Counter. Test windings for the CLAS12 Torus prototype coil have begun at Fermilab, and the main design for the torus magnet continues at Jefferson Lab, with initial parts for the magnet and first fixturing for the magnet cryostat factory now on order. The design submissions from the solenoid magnet vendor have arrived in support of the intermediate design review scheduled for next week. Work continues on the thermal and structural analysis of the solenoid at Jefferson Lab and in collaboration with Brookhaven National Lab. Soldering of the superconducting cable to the copper stabilizer for these two magnets has reached the fifth reel for the torus magnet.


The Survey and Alignment group has completed final alignment (Step 2B) in the east arc and completed approximately 60 percent of the step 2B alignment in the west arc. All of the installed components in the spreaders and recombiners have been aligned for final hookup (Step 2A). Levels and control surveys in Hall B showed the hall has stabilized since sinking 8 millimeters between 1998 and 2003. The group assisted the injector group with measuring components in the 2D, 3D and 5D lines. Preliminary alignment of the final C100 cryomodule in NL26 was carried out. Final alignment of Hall D's Tagger magnet has occurred.

Facilities Management and Logistics

Desk Delivery of Office Products
The office supply business, Forms & Supply Inc., has begun desktop deliveries of office supplies at Jefferson Lab. Those who placed orders will be asked to sign for deliveries, and the signed packing slips will be provided to Jefferson Lab Shipping & Receiving, Bldg. 90, Room 103. Undelivered items will be taken to Shipping & Receiving for future delivery. It is anticipated this new process will speed up delivery of office supplies by one business day. Direct questions to Shipping and Receiving staff: Debbie Campbell, x7077, or Elaine Zuchowicz, x5010.

JLab Calendar of Events

June 17-21: Program Advisory Committee Meeting (PAC40)
June 24: Protecting Your IP Rights seminar
July 4: Independence Day holiday, Jefferson Lab closed
July 8: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
July 22: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
July 29-31: Q-weak Collaboration meeting

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

Summer Grilling: The Charcoal Cooldown
Summertime is great for cooking outdoors using a variety of fuels and methods. But while enjoying your grill, smoker or hibachi, it's also a time to be mindful of the different risks that these alternative cooking methods present. Fires that are sparked by cooking and go beyond the cooking area are responsible for burn injuries and hundreds of house fires every year.

Outdoor cooking season is a good time to apply Jefferson Lab Task Hazard Analysis. Planning your cooking activities with the same mindfulness that you use on the job in planning complex tasks means that you are more likely to perceive potential hazards and mitigate them.

When planning your outdoor cooking, be mindful of flammable objects nearby and the general safety of your family and guests. For instance, commence your outdoor cooking a safe distance from your house, and be careful to not store a grill or other appliance near your home until it has fully cooled (to prevent fires and damage to the structure). Also plan your cooking a safe distance away from children and adults at play. Falling into a grill full of hot coals is a life-changing event - one we all can do without.


New Electronic Tour Database
Starting July 1, employees/users wanting to escort visitors through the accelerator site to tour radiological areas must request dosimetry (a self-reading personal dosimeter, or SRPD) through a new online system (no more paper forms). This system can be found on the Radiation Control webpage and Insight.

The new system will eliminate the need for the visitor to fill out paperwork for the tour. The escort and the visitor will provide information online before picking up the required dosimetry. Completing the online registration also will speed up a tour at the accelerator access gate, where the guard will check the online form and review the identification of each visitor. One item to note: Each escort must make sure he/she has acquired all of the safety training necessary for the areas to be visited, for example, FEL Safety Awareness (SAF143kd), Tunnel Worker Safety Awareness (SAF132), hall safety training, etc.

A short training session on the new system will be held on June 24 at 10 a.m. in CEBAF Center F224-225. Space is limited. If you would like to sign up to attend the training, or if you have any questions regarding this new system, contact Becky Mosbrucker, x7236.

Pressure Systems Safety Awareness Training Offered
Anyone working on equipment that employs a vacuum or pressurized gases should consider taking the Pressure Systems Safety Awareness (SAF130A) course (a list of pressure systems can be found in ES&H Manual Chapter 6151 Pressure and Vacuum Systems Safety Program). This 1.5-hour course will cover the basic considerations and provide insight into the required process for the design, fabrication, testing, inspection, maintenance, repair and operation of pressure systems. SAF130A will be offered on June 26 at 9:30 a.m. and on July 17 at 10 a.m. Both classes will take place in CEBAF Center room F113. To sign up for a class, log in to the Learning Management System and register.

Radiation Worker Classes Available
The next in-person radiation safety related courses are scheduled for July. On Monday, July 15, a full-day Radiation Worker I class is scheduled for 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The Radiation Worker II half-day class is offered on Thursday, July 18, 9 a.m.-noon. Both classes will take place in Trailer 52C. To sign up, contact Maya Keller or register directly through the Learning Management System.

Personal Dosimeter Change Out Set for Monday, July 8
Jefferson Lab's semi-annual personal dosimeter change out will take place during the afternoon of Monday, July 8. Be sure to put your dosimeter in its place in the personal dosimeter racks no later than 1 p.m. on July 8. This includes the dosimeters of all staff, students, users and subcontractors. If you need to use your dosimeter during the change out period on July 8, you may exchange it that morning in the Radiation Control Dosimetry Office in Trailer 52B, Room 4, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. If you are leaving for an extended Independence Day holiday break, be sure to put your dosimeter in its rack before departing. If you have questions, contact Becky Mosbrucker, x7236.

Tracking Thomas at Jefferson Lab
Little Thomas is visiting all corners of the Jefferson Lab campus. If you can identify his location this week, email Kandice Carter with your guess. Guesses are accepted through Friday.

Tim Whitlatch correctly guessed the location for June 12. Honorable mentions go to Debra Brand, Dick Owen, DeAnn Maddox and Andy Kowalski. Check out Tracking Thomas on flickr for a better view of his last location and this week's new mystery photo.

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