Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs March 5, 2014

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
March 5, 2014

12 GeV Upgrade

The Beam Transport team completed all of the installation and checkout work inside the accelerator enclosure last week. Their work continues downstream of the shield walls. Box power supplies for arcs 7 and 8 are being tested onsite; RSEP9 and arc 9 are on the way to Jefferson Lab from the vendor. The box power supplies for arcs 1-6 have been Personnel Safety System certified. The last delivery of 20 Amp trim power supplies has been received. The PSS stoppers in the beamline to Hall D have been certified.


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, Feb. 24 - March 5

  • Orlando Soto et al. "Novel Hamamatsu Multi-Pixel Photon Counter (MPPC) array studies for the GlueX experiment: New results." Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 739 89 (2014).
  • K. Moriya et al. (CLAS Collaboration). "Spin and parity measurement of the Λ(1405) baryon." Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 082004 (2014).
  • C.J. Horowitz, K.S. Kumar, R. Michaels. "Electroweak measurements of neutron densities in CREX and PREX at JLab, USA." Eur. Phys. Journal A 50 48 (2014).

Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

Also, there is a Publications Refresher Course on Monday, March 10 at 10 a.m. in F226. R.S.V.P. to Kim Kindrew for a brief course in how to use the Publications Submission and Approval system.

Last Chance to Apply for the JSA/JLab Graduate Fellowship Program
JSA will award fellowships to qualified doctoral students at SURA member universities for research related to the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) in Newport News, Va. Each fellowship will provide the awardee's home institution with a $10,000 stipend (~half of a normal academic year research assistant stipend). Application materials are due by March 5. For more information, see the website or contact Elizabeth Lawson.

JLab Calendar of Events

March 5-8: CLAS Collaboration Meeting
March 12: Colloquium: Daniel McKinsey, Yale University
March 13-15: Q-weak Collaboration Meeting
March 17: Safety Shoe Vendor onsite
March 17-21: EIC14 Workshop

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

Visually Impaired Driving
Any time you operate a motor vehicle, it is vitally important to ensure that you have full visibility. Picture the many dangerous encounters that are possible for vehicles with obscured windows, such as those vying for the same road space, or the many pedestrians using the crosswalks at Jefferson Lab, or the bikes, trikes and golf carts on campus.

If your vehicle's windows are covered with ice, frost, snow, dew or moisture, be sure to clear all the windows and mirrors - front, back and side - before putting the vehicle in motion. The same is also true for the plastic windows and side curtains on golf carts at Jefferson Lab; take the time to completely clear these materials to keep yourself, your coworkers and visitors safe.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Windows XP Systems Require Upgrades By April 1
Microsoft announced the End-of-Life for Windows XP systems some time ago. Since last fall, the CNI group has been working with staff and users with XP systems to upgrade them to Windows 7 in anticipation of this date. For various reasons, some systems may not be upgraded to Windows 7 by March 31. Those systems will be moved onto a new and more secure network segment on March 31. This network segment will only have access to the Windows terminal servers (jlabts) and the public Linux servers (jlabl1-4). All other access will be denied, including access to the central file servers (J, K, L, and M drives). In the coming weeks, CNI staff will be contacting staff and users with Windows XP systems to determine when they can be upgraded to Windows 7. If a system cannot be directly upgraded, it will either be converted to a thin client connecting to a central Windows 7 Virtual Machine, or it will be moved to the secure network segment described above. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the IT Division Helpdesk, x7155.


Daylight Saving Time Begins on Sunday, March 9
Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins on Sunday, March 9. If you have clocks or other electronic devices that don't reset themselves, be sure to reset them Saturday night or Sunday morning.

JLab to Test Emergency Notification Tools on March 11
A test will be conducted of Jefferson Lab’s emergency notification systems at 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday, March 11. This operational test of the lab’s emergency communications systems will take place at the same time a state-wide Tornado Drill planned by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management is being conducted. Jefferson Lab’s Tornado Siren, Site-Wide Alert system (email, page and Cisco phone text message), and Public Address tool (oral announcement over Cisco phone speakers) will be tested concurrently beginning at 9:45 a.m. For more information, see the posting.

Spread the Word About May 17 Open House
Word of mouth is one of the primary ways that people say they hear about Jefferson Lab’s events. Public Affairs is asking everyone to spread the word about Jefferson Lab’s Open House, which is set for Saturday, May 17. A variety of open house posters, fliers and business cards may be picked up from the table under the large TV screen in the CEBAF Center lobby. Please post, share and distribute these materials to family members, friends, neighbors, students, colleagues, business associates, groups, organizations and anyone else who might be interested in attending Jefferson Lab’s day of “Accelerating Discovery.” Hang the fliers only in places where you’ve gotten permission to post them. If you need larger quantities of any of these handout materials, contact Debbie Magaldi, x5102.

Upgrade to Timesheet System
Jefferson Lab is rolling out an upgrade to the Time and Expense system (Timesheet system) on the evening of March 11. The upgraded system will be available for lab-wide use the morning of March 12. The upgrade differences are minor, with the main difference regarding how the menu information is displayed. Two informational sessions will be held in the CEBAF Center auditorium: one at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 7, and a second session at 2 p.m. on Monday, March 10. Both sessions are anticipated to last about half an hour. In addition, the Powerpoint slides will be made available on Insight if you would rather see the updates independently. The training will compare the old system to the upgraded system. If you have any questions about this upgrade, contact Bill Shelton, x7120.

New Jefferson Lab SOTRs Can Get Required Training on March 12
Jefferson Lab will hold Subcontracting Officer Technical Representative (SOTR) training (GEN020) on Wednesday, March 12, 8 a.m.-12 noon in the Applied Research Center (ARC) Room 231/233. Anyone who has recently been tasked to serve as a SOTR (or will be tasked over the next eight months) on any project at Jefferson Lab is required to attend this training. Attending this training is one of the certification requirements for all Jefferson Lab SOTRs. To attend, register in the Learning Management System by 5 p.m. Monday, March 10. This training session is limited to 12 attendees. Anyone with questions regarding this training or the SOTR certification process may contact Kathleen Jones, x5139.

2014 Annual T-Shirt Design Contest Is Underway
Will your design be immortalized in a Jefferson Lab T-shirt? Jefferson Lab's Annual T-shirt Design Contest is underway! Entries are due before close of business on March 21. Each submission should include a front (pocket) and back design. "Jefferson Lab," "DOE," "JSA, LLC," and "2014" must be included in the design. Resubmission of previous non-winning designs is welcome. To enter, submit your design, username, division and telephone (contact) number to Mary Jo Bailey, x7306, Mail Stop 6B. Soon, the JAG webpage will feature more information and a complete list of rules and submission requirements. The lab community will vote on designs March 26-April 4.

Tracking Thomas at Jefferson Lab
Little Thomas is visiting all corners of the Jefferson Lab campus. If you can identify his location this week, email Kandice Carter with your guess. Guesses are accepted through Friday.

Anna Shabalina and Fay Hannon correctly guessed the location for Feb. 26. Honorable mentions go to Christian Whalen and Ryan Bodenstein. Check out Tracking Thomas on flickr for a better view of his last location and this week's new mystery photo.


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