Theory seminar - Yuxun Guo

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  • Theory seminar - Yuxun Guo
    2022-04-25EDT13:00:00 ~ 2022-04-25EDT14:00:00
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Speaker: Yuxun Guo (University of Maryland)

Title: GPDs and high order effect in DVCS

Abstract: I will talk about various aspects of generalized parton distributions (GPDs) including their physical intuitions and measurements from deeply exclusive process. I will talk about the deeply virtual Compton scattering (DVCS) process as an example and show how the DVCS cross-sections can be used to probe the twist-two and twist-three GPDs through the so-called Compton form factors (CFFs). I will discuss various higher order effects that are relevant to the precise determination of leading order CFFs and potentially twist-three CFFs as well. In addition, I will present some numeric studies of the kinematical dependence of the twist-two and twist-three cross-sections at typical JLab 6 GeV and 12 GeV kinematics and discuss the optimal regions for separating the leading-twist effects from the higher-twist ones.

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Patrick Barry
(708) 612-0198