Salute to Veterans with Rusty Sprouse, U.S. Coast Guard
"I enjoyed the water and respected the mission of the Coast Guard," said Sprouse.
Salute to Veterans with Lisa Loewus, U.S. Navy and Navy Reserves
"I have many skills which I can attribute to learning from the military," said Loewus. "Leading, attention to detail and valuing your teammates for what they bring to the table are just a few things."
Salute to Veterans with Josh Cameron, U.S. Army Reserves
"Every male in my family as far back as I could track has served in some capacity or another in the military, so it was in my blood."
Salute to Veterans with Earl Skjoldager, U.S. Navy
"Because all of my deployments were different I always found something that I may never see again."
Salute to Veterans with Donald Brown, U.S. Air Force
"I wanted to see the world, and I did so two times over." Q&A with Donald Brown, U.S. Air Force What did you do for the military? I was a Munitions Specialist/Weapons Safety Technician.