Jefferson Lab Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is the highest level decision making body at Jefferson Lab. It defines policies and strategic direction for scientific programs, laboratory operations and stakeholder relationships.

  • Rhonda Barbosa, Human Resources Director
  • Beth Brindle, Acting Chief Financial Officer and Manager, Business Operations
  • Amber Boehnlein, Chief Information Officer, Associate Director of Computational Sciences and Technology Division
  • Rolf Ent, EIC Co-Associate Director
  • Brian Hanlon, Acting Facilities Management & Logistics Director 
  • Lauren Hansen, Chief Communications Officer, Communications Director
  • Steve Hoey, Director of Environment, Safety, and Health
  • Cynthia Keppel, Associate Director of Experimental Nuclear Physics
  • Will Oren, Engineering Division Manager
  • Jianwei Qiu, Associate Director for Theoretical and Computational Physics
  • Rhonda Scales, Legal Counsel 
  • Marla Schuchman, Chief Innovation Officer, Research and Technology Partnerships Director
  • Andrei Seryi, Associate Director for Accelerator Operations, Research and Development
  • Rusty Sprouse, Facilities Management & Logistics Consultant