DOE Accelerator Safety Workshop - Germantown

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NOTE: Registration is required for all participants
Please be sure to register by October 10, 2022.
All foreign national attendees will need to fill out a visit request form

Conference Date
Conference Location

Germantown Auditorium (Germantown Campus)
Germantown, Maryland 20874 USA




  • Revised Accelerator Safety Order DOE O 420.2D: Impacts and Implementation
  • Accelerator Regulation
  • Accelerator Safety Program Management
  • Personnel and Machine Safety Systems – Hardware and Software
  • Uses of Accelerators and Accelerator R&D
  • Sustainability, Decommissioning and Radiological Materials
  • Tips & Tricks for Becoming an Accelerator Safety Expert
  • Hazard Assessment Methodology
  • Readiness for Operations
  • Major Project Highlights
  • Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Special Events - Registered participants are invited to attend

  • No-Host Reception/Evening Dinner, Tuesday October 18.
  • Tour at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Thursday October 20.
Organizing Committee
Laura Boon (ANL)
Patrick Bragg (INL)
Nancy Day (DOE SC)
Amy Ecclesine (SLAC)
Mike Epps (DOE SC)
Harry Fanning (JLab)
Eric Fike (ANL)
Craig Fish (LLNL)
Dave Freeman (ORNL)
Mark Shannon Gulley (LANL)

Charles Kelsey (LANL)
Kelly Mahoney (ORNL)
Tommy Michaelides (ORNL)
Christopher Patton (ORNL)
Jake Platfoot (ORNL)
Matt Quinn (FNAL)
John Quintana (ANL)
Maddie Schoell (FNAL)
Steven Trotter (ORNL)
John Woodford (ANL)

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